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[edit] Waddiwasi

[edit] Pronunciation


[edit] Description

Appears to launch small objects through the air.

[edit] Seen/Mentioned

Used only once in the series, by Remus Lupin in 1993 to expel a wad of chewing gum from the key hole Peeves put it in, launching it up Peeves's nose.

[edit] Etymology

Latin vado, "go", and possibly vasa, "implements, vessels"; but this part is obscure. (The letter "V" in Latin is also written "U", and pronounced as the English "W".) It could also come from Swedish vadd, which means "soft mass" (in this case it was gum), and French vas y, "go there", as Lupin did not just make the gum fly out of the key hole, but he directed it up Peeves's nose. The word could also just be based on the English wad, as in "a wad of gum".

Notes: In reference to what was mentioned above under Etymology, it can be presumed that Waddiwasi could be the Banishing Charm or the Placement Charm mentioned in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them under the Kelpie entry.