Vipera Evenenesca

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[edit] Vipera Evanesca

[edit]  :Pronunciation:

VIYP-er-uh ehv-uhn-EHS-kuh

[edit]  :Description:

Counter Spell for Serpensortia. Seems not to merely "Vanish", but causes the snake to smoulder from head and tail until it is reduced to a pile of ashes.

[edit]  :Seen/Mentioned:

Severus Snape cast this spell in 1992 at the Duelling Club to get rid of a snake that Draco Malfoy had conjured while duelling Harry Potter. Albus Dumbledore also may have used this spell to vanish Voldemort's snake during their Duel in the Ministry Atrium.

[edit]  :Etymology:

Vipera is a genus of venomous vipers, a type of snake. Evanesca likely shares its origin with Evanesco, which means "disappear" in Latin.