Veneficium: Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Veneficium is a Harry Potter fan club run at Acadia University, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. The name Veneficium comes from Latin, which means sorcery.

Veneficium is a friendly group who welcomes anyone to join, whether wizard, witch, muggle, or squib. You don't even have to be a hardcore book fan either- fans of the movies are welcome too! (Any chance to turn a movie fan into a book fan is a good one!) Weekly meetings include snacks, Harry Potter trivia, Harry Potter board games, random slightly obsessive tangents about how much we love Harry Potter, other random slightly obsessive tangents about other awesome fandoms (such as Dr. Who) and lots more. Special events that happened last term include Pumpkin Carving, Movie Marathons, Trick-or-Eat (canned food collection on Halloween), and seeing HP7 Part 1 at midnight (in costume, of course.) Lots more next term!

No matter what your house, come join in the fun! Future goals include a house-point system for trivia questions, and hopefully a Quidditch team! If you're in the area, come check us out! It's completely free. We meet on Thursday nights in the Student Union Building.