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This guide will serve as your introduction to creating, editing, and maintaining pages within LeakyPedia! Here you will find basic style and coding information to use as a reference when creating your content. If you have any questions, or feel like this page could use some additional information, feel free to post in the LeakyPedia forum. Or hey, if you feel confident enough, add information yourself!


[edit] Style

[edit] Page Titles

When creating a page in LeakyPedia, the first thing you need to know is the name of the page! Just like with Wikipedia (or any encyclopedia), the page title should be the topic of the page. Incidentally, the title of your page will also be the name of the page in the URL. This page is called the User Guide, so it's URL is

For our purposes, however, titles for articles should be formatted a certain way:

Movie and Book Titles
Titles of articles about the movies or books should be the full title

Character names
Titles of articles about characters should be the common character name

Avoid using full names in the title. makes for an unnecessarily long and complicated page name.

Secondary Names and Titles
If a character or book has a secondary name, feel free to create a page using the secondary name and code it with a redirect to the correctly titled page. For instance, Someone may attempt to search "Book Three" or "Book 3" for a page about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. To make sure they get to the right page, we would want to create a page for both of those secondary titles that automatically takes the viewer to the correct page.

[edit] Sections

[edit] Citations

[edit] Categories

[edit] Basic Coding

[edit] Headers

[edit] Fonts, Colors, and Emphasis

[edit] Links

[edit] Templates