Undetectable Extension Charm

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"Undetectable Extension Charm. Tricky, but I think I've done it okay; anyway, I managed to fit everything we need in here."
—Hermione Granger[src]

Undetectable Extension Charm is a charm used to extend and expand undetectably the inside of objects.


[edit] About

Type: Charm

Incantatem: unknown

[edit] Effects

The charm has two effects: one, to extend and expand rapidly the inside of an object. Eg: make the inside of a wardrobe bigger. The second effect is to make the charm undetectable except to those who cast the charm or were told about it.

[edit] Known Uses

  • Hermione Granger used on a small beaded bag in order to fit all that the trio would need on their search for horcruxes.

[edit] Possible Uses

  • It could have been used on the tent that was used at the Quidditch World Cup
  • It is possible that the charm is used on the ministry cars that appear bigger on the inside.