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Jump to: navigation, search’s podcast, appropriately titled “The Potter Plotters Show,” is an informative talk show dedicated to everything Harry Potter. Specifically we give our opinions on different events that happen in the novels and movies. We also speak about a wide range of wizard rock.


[edit] Segments

The Daily Prophet – Weekly news discussion about Harry Potter and modern literature.

Book Topic Discussion – debating on a topic for the Harry Potter series.

Movie Topic Discussion – debating or discussion about the Harry Potter movie franchise.

Lisson Up – Tyrell’s rant about anything to do with Harry Potter as A.J. delegates the discussion.

Up Coming Book of the Month – Our reviews on new modern literature.

Through the Looking Glass – Weekly poll discussion based on a wide range of topics.

Chamber of Chapters – Discussion of each chapter of each novel in the Harry Potter series.

Wrock Out - Discussion an analyze about everything wizard rock.

Branch-off Segment – Were A.J. and Tyrell discus outside interests

Owl Post – Were we take questions from our listeners.

O.W.L.(s) – Were we ask a weekly quiz question.

[edit] Hosts

Tyrell Lisson

A.J. Lewis