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Stichstock is a magical sport played on broomsticks. It was originally invented in Germany. It was famously depicted in the German painting Günther der Gewaltig ist der Gewinner ('Guther the Violent is the Winner'), which was painted back in 1105. Unfortunately, Stichstock died out in the fourteenth century and is no longer played anywhere.[1]


[edit] Rules

In Stichstock an inflated dragon bladder is placed on the top of a twenty foot pole. A player, the Bladder-Guardian, is tied to the pole with a rope around his/her waist keeping him/her within a 10 foot radius of the bladder. Opponents individually take turns at diving towards the bladder. Each player sharpens the end of his/her broomstick to use as the puncturing device on the bladder. The Bladder-Guardian is armed with their wand and hexes opponents to defend the bladder. The game ends when the bladder is punctured, or when all the opponents have been hexed into submission or when the Bladder-Guardian passes out from exhaustion.

[edit] Positions

[edit] Bladder-Guardian

The Bladder-Guardian is responsible for tying himself to the pole that the inflated Dragon Bladder rests on. His job during the game is to hex opponents, stopping them from puncturing the bladder with the tip of their brooms.

[edit] Bladder Attackers

The Bladder Attackers sharpen the tip of their brooms and then one by one dive bomb the bladder, hoping to get past the guardian so they can puncture it.

[edit] References

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