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Stephen Keith Kloves (known professionally as Steve Kloves) is an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated screenwriter and director well known for penning seven of the eight Harry Potter films. The only Harry Potter film he has not written the screenplay for is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for which he was replaced by Michael Goldenberg.

[edit] Biography

Kloves was born in Austin, Texas but raised in Sunnyvale, California where he graduated from Fremont High School. After two years at the University of California, Los Angeles he dropped out after significantly reducing his course numbers in his second year. He began work as an unpaid intern at a Hollywood agent where he garnered attention for his script Swings and pitched his screenplay for 1984 film Racing With The Moon.

He went on to write and direct two films: The Fabulous Baker Boys in 1989 and Flesh and Bone in 1993. The latter's failure at the box office prompted him to quit writing and only returned three years later to support his family. He adapted Michael Chabon's novel The Wonder Boys for screen which was released in 2000. Following this Warner Bros sent him a catalogue of novels to be adapted into screenplays including JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone which became his next project. He has subsequently written all of the film adaptations for the Harry Potter series, excluding Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix].