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A spell is a magical action often accompanied by an incantation (usually - but not always - Latin based; for example, Obliviate or Point Me) that makes use of the magical force of the wizarding universe in order to accomplish extraordinary feats ordinary people cannot perform; for example, levitating objects, conjuring fire, or stunning a person. Spells often have some kind of physical representation in the form of light, and as such can usually miss, be dodged or be blocked with an object (including another spell).

Below is a list of known spells in the Wizarding World and a brief explanation of what the spell does. For more about each spell, follow the link and check out the details.


  • [[Accio]] - This Charm is used to summon objects.
  • Age Line - This spell was placed around the Goblet of Fire to prevent underage wizards from entering the Tri-Wizard Tournament.
  • [[Aguamenti]] - This Charm sends a fountain/jet of water from the wand tip.
  • [[Alarte Ascendare]] - "Lockhart uses this to toss objects into the air."
  • [[Alohomora]] - This Charm is used to open closed/locked objects.
  • [[Amendo]] - "Lockhart's ineffective spell that accidently removes the bone from Harry's broken arm."
  • [[Anapneo]] - This clears the target's airway and stops choaking.
  • Anti-Cheating Spell - This is placed on quills and paper to prevent students from cheating during exams.
  • Anti-Disapparition Jinx - This is used to stop Disapparition and/or Apparition in an area for a while. It can be used to prevent an enemy from entering a defended area, or used to trap them in the area.
  • Antonin Dolohov's Curse - This curse causes serious injury, with a flash of purple light, to the inside of the body only. No symptoms are shown on the outside of the body.
  • [[Aparecium]] - This is used to make invisible ink appear.
  • [[Aqua Eructo]]-'Spell used to create a stream of clear water.'
  • [[Arania Exumai]] - "This curse kills spiders."
  • [[Arresto Momentum]] - 'This is used to slow down an object falling at a rapid speed.'
  • [[Ascendio]]- This propels the caster high into the air.'
  • [[Avada Kedavra]] - One of the three Unforgivable curses, it instantly kills the target with a jet of green light and leaves no marks on the body."
  • [[Avis]] - This charm is used to conjure a flock of birds from the caster's wand. It can be used offensively when it's coupled with [[Oppugno]].


  • Babbling Curse - The Babbling curse, though not fully understood, makes people babble.
  • Banishing Charm - This is the opposite of 'Accio,' and it banishes an object.
  • Bat-Bogey Hex - This hex enlarges the target's bogeys, giving them wings, and making them attack a target.
  • Bedazzling Hex - This Hex can be used to conceal someone or something and is often used for invisibility cloaks.
  • [[Bombarda Maxima]] - Causes a large explosion.
  • Bubble-Head Charm - This charm puts a large bubble of air around the head of the caster and is the magical equalent of a scuba set.


  • Caterwauling Charm- detects trespassers & curfew breakers in the targeted area, setting off a horrible shrieking alarm.
  • [[Cave Inimicum]]- a defensive hex to keep enemies away.
  • [[Cistem Aperio]] - opens boxes and chests.
  • [[Colloportus]]- a spell that seals a door, makes an odd squelching noise.
  • [[Confringo]]- a spell that causes a target to explode.
  • [[Confundo]] - the Confundus Charm causes mental confusion and may cause permanent memory loss.
  • [[Crucio]] - also known as the Cruciatus Curse, it is used to torture the victim. This is one of the three "Unforgivable Curses.


  • [[Diffindo]] - a spell that causes objects to split apart.
  • [[Defodio]]- a spell that digs through or hollows out a target.
  • [[Deletrius]] - "deletes information about prior spells cast by a wand."
  • [[Densaugeo]] - "a hex that causes teeth to grow unattractively."
  • [[Deprimo]]- a spell that blasts a hole through a target.
  • [[Descendo]]- a spell that causes something to descend or lower itself.
  • [[Dissendium]]- a spell that opens the secret door near the statue of the humped-back witch.
  • [[Duro]]- turns the target object into stone.


  • [[Eat Slugs!]] - "this charm causes a person to vomit slugs. This charm backfired on Ron."
  • [[Engorgio]]- this Engorgement Charm makes things grow larger.
  • [[Enervate/Reenervate]] - "revives an unconscious person."
  • [[Episkey]]- this spell that heals/repairs damage or injury.
  • [[Erecto]]- this spell is used to erect or set things up. Hermione uses this to set up their tent.
  • [[Evanesco]] - a Vanishing Spell Snape uses to remove the snake during Harry and Draco's first wand duel.
  • [[Everte Statum]] - "this Defensive Spell hurls an opponant backward."
  • [[Expecto Patronum]] - a charm to counter the effects of a dementor, this acts as a shield against the draining effects of dementors, which feed on the happiness and hope of the wizard. If powerful enough, it creates an animal image specific to the witch or wizard who conjured it. This spell has also been used for communication, notably by the Order of the Phoenix.
  • [[Expelliarmus]] - the disarming spell.
  • [[Expulso]]- a spell that blows up a target.
  • Extension Charm- also know as Undetectable Extension Charm, this extends the internal dimension of an object without extending the exterior dimensions.


  • [[Fera Verto]] - "this turns an animal into an object. Prof. McGonagall demonstrated this process in Harry's first Transfiguration class."
  • Ferula - "this healing spell conjures bandages.
  • Fidelius Charm - a spell that disguises a location that cannot be revealed by anyone except the one made Secret Keeper.
  • Fiendfyre - a spell that creates cursed fire.
  • [[Finite]] - "this spell counters *[[Descendo]].
  • [[Finite Incantatem]] - a spell that cancels out other spells.
  • Fire Spell - "Hermione uses this to set Snape's robe on fire during a Qudditch match."
  • [[Flagrante]]- a curse that causes an object to burn anyone who touches it.
  • Full Body-Bind Curse - "causes total paralysis. Hermione used this on Neville to keep him from tattling."
  • [[Furnunculus]] - "this curse causes boils to erupt on the body of the victim."


  • Geminio Curse- "this causes an object to duplicate and multiply when touched, but the duplicates are worthless.
  • [[Gerremoffme]] - "a defensive spell that undoes *[[Oppugno]]. Sounds like Get 'em off me!
  • [[Glisseo]]- a spell that makes an object into a smooth slide.


  • Hex - A type of spell that is used to cause pain or discomfort.
  • [[Homenum Revelio]]- a spell that would reveal human presence in a target area.
  • Homorphus Charm - "changes a werewolf back to human form. Lockhart claimed to cure a werewolf with this."
  • Hover Charm- a charm that makes an object hover in the air.
  • Hurling Hex- a hex typically placed on a broom that would make the broom try to hurl the rider off of it.
  • [[Hydrolyze]] - "erases dark circles under the eyes."


  • Immobilus - "immobilizes one or many targets."
  • [[Impedimenta]] - a spell used to slow down attackers.
  • [[Inamimatus Conjurus]]
  • [[Incarcerous]]- a spell that makes ropes appear to wrap someone up.
  • [[Incendio]] - a spell that starts a fire.


  • Jelly Legs Jinx- a jinx that causes a target's legs to wobble uncontrollably.



  • [[Langlock]] - a jinx that glues the target's tongue to the top of his or her mouth.
  • Legilimens - a spell that allows the caster to read the target's mind.
  • [[Levicorpus]] - a spell that suspends someone in midair.
  • [[Liberacorpus]]- a counter-jinx to [[Levicorpus]].
  • [[Locomotor]] - a charm that moves an object. Typically it is followed by the name of the object to be moved.
  • [[Locomotor Mortis]] - known as the Leg-Locking Curse.
  • [[Lumos]] - a spell that causes the end of the wand to light up. [[Lumos Maxima]] brightens the light.
  • [[Lumos Solem]] - blasts a light ray from a wand tip.


  • [[Meteolojinx Recanto]] - a spell that halts a spell that is causing rain.
  • [[Mobiliarbus]] - a spell that moves a tree.
  • [[Mobilicorpus]] - a spell that moves a person's body.
  • [[Morsmordre]] - a spell that makes the Dark Mark appear in the sky.
  • [[Muffliato]] - a spell that fills the ears of people nearby with an unidentifiable buzzing noise so that the caster's conversation can't be overheard.


  • [[Nox]] - a spell that cancel out [[Lumos]] and puts out the light.


  • [[Obliviate]] - a charm that modifies or erases part of a person's memory.
  • [[Obscuro]] - a spell that block's someone's vision.
  • Occlumency - a branch of magic not taught at Hogwarts that attempts to protect one's mind against outside intrusion.
  • [[Occulus Reparo]] - Hermione uses this to repair Harry's glasses.
  • [[Oppugno]] - a spell that makes conjured creatures attack on the command of the conjurer.
  • [[Orchideous]] - a spell that conjures flowers out of the end of one's wand.
  • [[Ouagadogou]]


  • Piertotum Locomotor- a variation on the locomotor spell that is used to animate the statues and armor of Hogwarts.
  • Portus- a spell that turns an object into a portkey.
  • Protean Charm- a complex spell used to make something change its form.
  • Protego- a spell that creates a magical barrier that will deflect hexes thrown at caster, acts as a shield.


  • Quietus- a spell that reverses the effect of Sonorus, which makes the caster's voice normal in volume.


  • Reducto- a spell that blasts solid objects out of the caster's path.
  • Relashio- a spell that releases a jet of fiery sparks.
  • Rennervate- a spell used to revive a person who has been hit by a stunner.
  • Reparo- a spell that undoes damage to an object.
  • Repello- a spell that keeps something away from the caster.
  • Revulsion Jinx- a spell that forces the target to back off from the caster.
  • Rictusempra- a spell that causes the person to laugh uncontrollably.


  • Stupefy- a spell used to make someone unconscious.
  • Sectumsempra- a spell used to seriously cut another person for enemies.
  • Sonorous- a spell used to magnify a voice like a loudspeaker.
  • Salvio Hexia- specific effect is not given, but it possibly affects and augments other spell being cast.
  • Specialis Revelio- a spell used to identify ingredients of a potion or enchantments of an object.


  • Tergeo - Cleans a surface or person vigorously.
  • Taboo- when put on a word anyone instantly becomes trackable by the caster, saying the word breaks protective enchantments and causes a magical disturbance.
  • Togue-Tying Curse- binds a target's tongue to keep him or her from talking about some specific subject.
  • Trace, the- a charm that detects magical ability around under-seventeens.




  • Waddiwassi - Only known use of it - Fires chewing gum out of a key hole.