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The Seeker is a position that a player takes on a Quidditch team. Their job is to catch the Golden Snitch, which will earn their team 150 points and finish the game. The ideal Seeker is of a light build and a speedy flyer.[1]


[edit] Known Seekers

[edit] Professional

Maximus Brankovitch III[2]

Glynnis Griffiths[3]

Viktor Krum

Aidan Lynch

Eunice Murray[3]

Roderick Plumpton[3]

Josef Wronski[2]

[edit] Hogwarts Quidditch Players

Regulus Black

Cho Chang

Cedric Diggory


Terence Higgs

Draco Malfoy

Harry Potter

James Potter


Ginny Weasley

[edit] Notes

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