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Note: We have taken rules from other areas of The Leaky Cauldron (TLC) and have started editing and evaluating them to make them applicable to the LeakyPedia. For now, please abide by these rules, applying them as best you can to the LeakyPedia. Thanks so much for your patience during this construction period.

By posting in the LeakyPedia, you agree to the following rules:

  1. Be nice. This is our most important and most strictly enforced rule. We respect and embrace everyone's right to disagree and the spirited discussions that come out of differences of opinion, but there is never an excuse to be rude/derogatory/insulting. Offending comments (and words) will be deleted right away and the offender warned; those who persist will be banned. The LeakyPedia, like the other Leaky Cauldron (TLC) websites, is to be a place where enthusiastic and intelligent minds can come together, something no one can do while fighting. Please take a moment to remember that without differences of opinion the world would be a very boring place.
    • Related: What is a flame? Flaming is outlawed on the LeakyPedia. Flaming is different from criticism: criticism points out something that could be improved. Disagreement is not a flame. Flaming includes but is not limited to insults or harassment of others based on actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnicity, religion, magical status or lack thereof, Hogwarts house, national origin, political affiliation, character preference, or "ship" preference. Do not post a comment that is that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy or hateful.
    • Related: What is considered inappropriate? Anything on a page/userpage/comment the LeakyPedia and TLC deem inappropriate will be deleted. We do not condone the discussion, displaying or description of material that is above what most consider a PG-13 rating. This means no vulgar or coarse language, including efforts to get around a coarse language filter. Although topics that discuss religion, race, or sexuality as they pertain to the Harry Potter series (or directly to the topic at hand) are acceptable, no racial, religious, or sexually inflammatory language will be tolerated. Nothing sexually explicit, vulgar, incest-related or relating to adult/child relationships shall be condoned.
    • Related: Political and Religious Topics General or specific topics on religion or politics are only allowed on the LeakyPedia if they are directly related to the portrayal of such in the Harry Potter series.
  2. Respect privacy. Do not post anything that contains telephone numbers, addresses or any private (i.e. not reported in the press) information about any actor in the HP films, J.K. Rowling, person who works on the HP franchise, or any other LeakyPedia member. Don't ask on LeakyPedia pages for members' e-mail responses or e-mail addresses.
    • Related: Member Privacy The LeakyPedia's Privacy Policy can be found HERE. In addition, we strive to maintain an atmosphere in which all members and staff members feel comfortable working on the LeakyPedia. If a member is contacting you and you don't feel comfortable with that contact, please alert a moderator, the moderator manager, or a forum administrator. You are always able to block any forum member from contacting you via pm or email.
    • If you are asked not to contact a member (either by a staff member or the member themselves), we ask that you respect that member's right to privacy and allow them to work comfortably on the LeakyPedia. This includes not contacting them via regular email, the LeakyPedia email system, the Leaky Lounge, or MyLeaky. It also means not viewing that member's userpages or profiles, posting in their comments, asking others to contact them on your behalf, or using the member's names in posts or signatures.
  3. Stay on topic. If you go off-topic a moderator or may move your comment or entry to the appropriate page without warning. If there is nowhere to discuss what you want to discuss, try starting a new page. You can always ask for the input of your fellow LeakyPedia on the discussion page for a related entry, or you can ask for help over in the LeakyPedia forum on the Leaky Lounge.
  4. Don't use the LeakyPedia as a promotion tool. Any entries that incorporate commercial advertising, plugs for your website/fanfic/fan art/message board/surveys/mailing list, unless directly related to the subject matter of the topic, will be immediately deleted. Do not use the LeakyPedia to urge readers to convert to a belief or sign a petition. Do not use the LeakyPedia email system to tell people to visit your site; you will get complained about and banned. Do not link to any inappropriate sites, even on your userpage.
    • Related: Solicitation No solicitation of contact information, asking members to join other forums, boards, or chats, and absolutely no attempts to sell products or services will be tolerated.
  5. Don't spam. Spam content will be removed. If the moderators have reason to believe a user is padding the LeakyPedia with exceedingly short edits or content to up his/her LeakyPedia presence, that person will be temporarily banned. Persistence after the first banning will result in permanent exclusion from the LeakyPedia.
    • Related: What is spam? Spam includes posts that do not contribute a new idea, perspective, or concept to the discussion, and are often made in order to simply increase the member's LeakyPedia presence.
    • Related: Consecutive edits When editing or creating new pages, please use the preview function to avoid making multiple consecutive edits. Each edit is logged as a new version of the page on the page history, and many consecutive small edits can bump old history off a page and make it difficult to compare actual old and new versions.
  6. Watch your language. And we don't just mean naughty words. The LeakyPedia adheres to the generally accepted standards of netiquette, or internet etiquette. We understand that typos happen and that not everyone has mastered English grammar (or even the language -- the LeakyPedia's audiences reach around the world), but net-speak is strictly forbidden. This includes things like "OMG GUYZ LYK that is SO KEWL!" and things that are sp3ld l1k3 th1s, or say things like, "R u there bcuz I want 2 talk”. These things are going to get deleted. Avoid use of all capitals in your writing as it is considered the equivalent of yelling. Any content written in a language other than English must contain a translation of the non-English text with the same sentence or section. Please, to the best of your ability, use full words that everyone can understand, and the entire LeakyPedia will remain a happy place.
  7. Limit the size and amount of images. Image size is limited to enable LeakyPedia's pages to load more quickly. Larger images slow our loading time and clutter up the page. Total image size on pages, including userpages, can not be more then 300 X 300. Images in pages are also limited to no more then five (5) images per page. [Note: Images rules were taken from the Leaky Lounge. They are still undergoing editing.]
    • Related: Hotlinking Using images hosted on non-hosting sites is not permitted. Unfortunately, we cannot verify each and every person’s image with their IP address, so we no longer allow users to host images on their own website. ALL images must be hosted on a hosting site (e.g. PhotoBucket, ImageShack...) or on the Leaky Galleries. We encourage users to hotlink to Leaky Galleries images to keep from having images stored twice on TLC's websites, as well as to help alleviate issues with copyright.
  8. Font Size You can choose any of LeakyPedia's fonts, but they must be no bigger than size three in BB code. [Note: This rule was taken from the Leaky Lounge and is still undergoing editing.]
  9. Read before posting. You don't have to have memorized the LeakyPedia, but it is best if you give a read-through to discover if something you're about to post is already posted - ESPECIALLY when it comes to starting new pages. Duplicate/redundant pages are going to be moved or closed.
  10. Make sure the subject fits the topic. If you want to talk about the wands each character gets and what they might mean, don't label your page "Quidditch Brooms"! Try and be as specific to the discussion as you can - that way, you actually get to talk about what you intended to talk about! Otherwise, you might not get to talk about it at all; a mod may move or close the page, or simply rename it for you.
  11. Make sure your topic adds something to the discussion. When starting a page, it's important that it can be the springboard for an actual topic or discussion. Starting with "I luv Dan Radcliffe!" or "Yo those HP moviez, they stink yo," isn't going to get you very far. "Game" pages will be closed.
  12. Do not post pages devoted to "ships." You are allowed to write about HP's existing and future romantic pairings (known as "ships," a shortened version of "relationships") within the context of appropriate pages, but they are not to be the subject of their own pages, as our experience with such has shown that they almost always degenerate into arguments/flames. We may consider altering this rule should our users show us over time that possible romantic pairings are discussed in a non-inflammatory fashion. You may write about any ship so long as it is not one that includes an adult/child or incestuous relationship.
  13. Don't be afraid to talk to the mods. If you feel someone is trolling/spamming, please report it to a mod. These reports help us tremendously to respond quickly to problems, and we always appreciate receiving them. Also, no one on the LeakyPedia needs to know your real name, address, telephone number or other personally identifying information unless you choose to give it to them. All of our moderators are adults, and are here to make sure you have a safe and happy experience. If you feel you are being abused/violated by a member, email or PM a moderator, making sure to forward the posts/PMs/emails from the person in question. (We do require this proof to take action.)
  14. Respect moderators' decisions. We chose our moderators and administrators carefully. They will never treat your problems lightly - in exchange you must understand that their decisions are final.
  15. Don't spoil. We do not allow unofficial spoilers on the LeakyPedia about unreleased movies or books.
  16. Don't role-play. Sorry guys. There's plenty of room for that in other places; the LeakyPedia is not a role-play arena.
    • Related: HP Character Names We don't allow members to choose names that are exactly the same as character names in order to avoid possible role-play.
  17. Check in here from time to time, because as the LeakyPedia evolves, so will this list of rules. By posting you are bound by them, so it's best you know what we're making you promise.
  18. HAVE FUN! We anticipate the LeakyPedia to be fun, friendly and intelligent, and look forward to working on it with you!

More fine print:

  • By posting on TLC's forums, you agree to indemnify and hold TLC, and its subsidiaries, affiliates or other partners, as well as its staff, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of comments you post on the forum.
  • The LeakyPedia is here for entertainment purposes only and entries should not be regarded as expert opinion. We are not responsible for the posts of our members. We do try to remove any posts as soon as possible that flame other members or break LeakyPedia rules. This includes comments that break our privacy policy, or include spoilers on our site.
  • Do not post comments if you are under 13 years of age. The LeakyPedia and TLC strive to be in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy & Protection Act, also known as COPPA; accordingly, we cannot accept posts from children under 13. However, if you have a comment for us, or a news report, and you are under 13, you can email us at staff at

Last updated July 5, 2010