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Rade Serbedzija plays Gregoravitch in the Harry Potter movies.

Rade Šerbedžija (born 27 July 1946), occasionally credited as Rade Sherbedgia in some English-language productions, is a Croatian[1][2][3] actor, director and musician of Serb origin. He was one of the most popular Yugoslav actors in the 1970s and 1980s. He is now internationally known mainly for his supporting roles in Hollywood films during the 1990s and 2000s. Recently, Šerbedžija received attention for his recurring role as former Soviet Army General Dmitri Gredenko in the sixth season of TV action series 24.


[edit] Early life and career in Yugoslavia

Šerbedžija was born in the village of Bunić in Lika, Yugoslavia.[4] In 1969, he graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts of the University of Zagreb and then worked as a theatre actor in the City Drama Theatre Gavella and at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.[5] While still a student, Šerbedžija started to play leading roles in films and theater productions. He is remembered as an outstanding Peer Gynt, Don Juan, Melkior Tresić, Oedipus, Hamlet, Leone Glembay and Richard III. Šerbedžija was among the top actors in the former Yugoslavia, as well as an esteemed acting teacher at the Universities of Zagreb and Novi Sad.[6]

In 1964 he first visited the USA, where he enrolled in drama school. Small parts on stage followed for many years until his 1974 breakthrough performance as "Hamlet" at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival made him a star. Although he continued to appear in theatrical productions (notably, "Peer Gynt" and "Oedipus Rex"), Šerbedžija broke into films around the same time. Although many of the more than 40 features he has made in the 70s and 80s have been little-seen outside of Yugoslavia, a handful have received widespread distribution. His early work included the starring role in "The Republic of Užice" (1974).[6]

He had various notable roles in Yugoslav film, among others in U gori raste zelen bor (1971), Variola Vera (1981), Kiklop (1982), Život je lep (1985). He was also among the leading actors in several TV series, such as in Prosjaci i sinovi (1971), U registraturi (1976), Nikola Tesla (1977), Putovanje u Vučjak (1986).

Rade founded the Ulysses Theater with Borislav Vujčić on the Brijuni islands, where he also directs and acts in most plays. The theater was founded in 2000 and has been very successful so far.

[edit] International career

It was probably not until his turn as the captain interrogating a woman who rescued hundreds of children from the Holocaust in "Hanna's War" (1988) that he was noticed in the West.[6] He also portrayed the role of the Armenian jeweler in the 1994 Men in Black film.[citation needed]

In the early 1990s, during the course of the Yugoslav wars, he acted in a few films from various parts of former Yugoslavia, including the Macedonian film Before the Rain in 1994. With the dissolution of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, he and his family were forced to flee to Belgrade, Serbia.[6] Šerbedžija then also acted in various western European films before he emigrated to the United States.

He is perhaps most often recognized by world audiences for his supporting roles in Hollywood films such as Mission: Impossible II, Mighty Joe Young, The Saint, Eyes Wide Shut, Snatch, EuroTrip, The Quiet American (2002), Shooter and a cameo in Batman Begins, often varying between sinister villains or trusting friends. He was offered to reprise his cameo role in The Dark Knight but opted not to.

In 2001, he starred in an elaborate television production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's classic musical South Pacific in the role of the French plantation owner, Emile de Becque. He was also involved in the BBC Television production of the spy-thriller show Spooks for one episode as a villain. In autumn of 2005, Šerbedžija had a supporting role in the NBC science fiction series Surface. His most recent role is in Jeremy Podeswa's feature film adaptation of Anne Michaels' novel Fugitive Pieces, where he plays the character Athos Roussos. His most recent successful role is that of Captain Blake in Rupert Wainwright's remake of The Fog.

He portrayed the part of Dmitri Gredenko on the sixth season of the hit Fox show 24.

On May 26, 2009, Šerbedžija announced that he had been cast in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as the famous foreign wandmaker Gregorovitch, a 'brief but very important' role. He began filming in November 2009. He announced his casting at a press conference for Fugitive Pieces, and he added that he knew he had the role six months before.

[edit] Other work

Šerbedžija is also known for his poetry readings and has released four albums. On the London stage, he won critical praise for his work in Colin Redgrave's Moving Theatre Company staging of "Brecht in Hollywood" (1994).[6]

[edit] Personal Life

Serbedzija was married to Ivanka Cerovac but they divorced in 1987. They have 1 daughter together the actress Lucija Serbedzija born in 1973. Serbedzija married his second and current wife Lenka Udovicki in 1991.

[edit] Filmography

Year Title Role
1967 Iluzija
Black Birds
1968 Osveta
Gravitacija ili fantastična mladost činovnika Borisa Horvata Boris Horvat
1969 Dio è con noi
Sedmina - Pozdravi Marijo Niko
1970 Sam čovjek
Papagaj lad
Passing Days
Crveno klasje Južek Hedl
1971 Prosjaci i sinovi Matan
1974 Acting Hamlet in the Village of Mrdusa Donja Hamlet
1979 Journalist Vlado Kovač
1994 Before the Rain Alexandar
1996 Broken English Ivan
1997 The Saint Ivan Tretiak
The Truce The Greek, Mardenou
1998 Mighty Joe Young Andrei Strasser
Polish Wedding Roman
Prague Duet Jiri Kolmar
1999 Eyes Wide Shut Mr. Milich
Stigmata Fr. Marion Petrocelli
2000 Space Cowboys General Vostow
Mission: Impossible II Dr. Nekhorvich
Snatch Boris 'The Blade' Yurinov
2001 South Pacific Emile De Becque
2002 The Quiet American Inspector Vigot
2003 Quicksand Oleg Butraskaya
Ilaria Alpi - Il più crudele dei giorni Miran Hrovatin
2004 EuroTrip Tibor
2005 Surface Dr. Aleksander Cirko
Batman Begins Homeless Man
The Fog Captain Blake
Short Order Paulo
2006 Moscow Zero Sergei
The Elder Son Maxim Sarafanov
2007 Fugitive Pieces Athos
Battle in Seattle Dr. Maric
24 Dmitri Gredenko
Shooter Mikhaylo Serbiak
2008 My Own Worst Enemy Yuri Volkalov
Quarantine Yuri Ivanov
The Eye Simon McCullough
2009 Blossom Ray
Projekat Mane Paripovic
Kao Rani Mraz Stari Vasa Ladacki
Middle Men Nikita Sokoloff
CSI: Miami Alexander Sharova
Thick as Thieves Nicky/Victor
2010 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I Gregorovitch
2011 5 Days of August Col. Demidov
X-Men: First Class Russian General
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II Gregorovitch
Sedamdeset i dva dana (72 Days) Mane Paripović

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