Quidditch Through the Ages

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Written by J. K. Rowling in 2001 under the pseudonym of Kennilworthy Whisp. Like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them it was written for Comic Relief, with proceeds from the sales going to that cause. The book is written as the library book borrowed by Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, giving information on Quidditch.


  1. The Evolution of the Flying Broomstick
  2. Ancient Broom Games
  3. The Game from Queerditch Marsh
  4. The Arrival of the Golden Snitch
  5. Anti-Muggle Precautions
  6. Changes in Quidditch since the Fourteenth Century
  7. Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland
  8. The Spread of Quidditch Worldwide
  9. The Development of the Racing Broom
  10. Quidditch Today