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A Quidditch Referee is a witch or wizard who referees Quidditch matches and does not belong to either team. Their job is to fly amongst the players on a broom and to award penalties for fouls. There are seven hundred different fouls recorded. They can also give time out should the captain of a team ask for it.

In the past it was once a highly dangerous job to be a referee. One named Cyprian Youdle was killed during a friendly match in 1357, though there have been no known deaths since. Instances of the referee's broom being turned into a Portkey which would transport them to the Sahara Desert are now preventable through strict guidlines from the Department of Magical Games and Sports. The most common danger now is neck strain from watching fourteen different players at once.[1]


[edit] Necessary Qualities

A referee has to be an extremely good flier and pass rigorous flying tests. In professional games they are assisted by officials who stand at the edges of the pitch, but in friendly matches and at Hogwarts they need to be able to keep an eye on all the players at once as best as they can. In Britain the referees are picked by the Department of Magical Games and Sports. In addition to passing their flying exams they must pass a written exam on the rules and are tested in trials to see if they will jinx or curse offensive players when under extreme pressure.[1]

[edit] Known Referees

[edit] Professional

Hassan Mostafa

[edit] Hogwarts League

Rolanda Hooch

Severus Snape (for one match only)[2]

[edit] Other

Nugent Potts[3]

Cyprian Youdle

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