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The Quaffle is one of the three kinds of balls used in the game of Quidditch. It is used by the Chasers, who attempt to get it past the Keeper and through one of three elevated hoops to score a goal.[1]


[edit] History

The Quaffle was originally a brown, patched leather ball, with either a strap or finger holes, seeing as it had to be handled one-handed by the Chasers, and it was the only Quidditch ball that was not enchanted. In the winter of 1711, after a particularly rainy game made it indistinguishable from the muddy ground, the Quaffle was recolored scarlet. Shortly after that, due to complaints by Chasers having to constantly dive to the ground to catch the Quaffle every time it was dropped, an enchantment was placed upon it that slowed its fall, thus keeping the game more dynamic. In 1875, the Gripping Charm was discovered, removing the need for straps and finger holes.[2]

[edit] Properties

[edit] Physical

The modern Quaffle is a large, seamless leather ball. It is twelve inches in diameter, and as of 1711, is colored scarlet.[2]

[edit] Magical

  • The Quaffle has an unnamed enchantment placed on it that allows it, when dropped, to fall slowly towards the ground as if sinking through water, which spares Chasers the necessity to dive towards the ground every time the Quaffle falls during a match. This enchantment was suggested by a witch called Daisy Pennifold in or shortly after 1711.[2]
  • As of 1875, all Quaffle have had a Gripping Charm placed on them, which facilitates one-handed holding and throwing of the Quaffle by the Chasers.[2]

[edit] Role in Quidditch

The Quaffle is the ball used by the Chasers and the Keeper. The Chasers' role is to pass the Quaffle to one another and attempt to put it through one of the opposing team's three fifty-foot high hoops. The Keeper's role is to prevent the Quaffle from going into any of his team's hoops and pass it back to one of his team's Chasers.[1]

Successfully passing the Quaffle through a hoop earns whichever team scored ten points per goal, regardless of which of the three hoops the Quaffle went through.[1]

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