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Potter People Podcast is a new podcast all about Harry Potter and modern literature. The names of the hosts of PPP are Riley, Isaac, and Alejandra. The podcast has been active since August of 2010, but the first episode was released in October of 2010.

The first episode, "Waiting Another Month", includes news in the Potter world, and introductions to each of the hosts.

[edit] Segments

Potter People Podcast includes the news in the Potter world, an original segment called "The Lovegood Locker" in which the hosts randomly select a book in the series, and then describe how that book correlates with the events of the final Harry book. The show also includes a Chapter-by-Chapter Recap of the book that is what the most recent HP film would be adapted from. New segments will include book reviews by other authors, and special appearances.

[edit] Author Appearances

On the second episode, "Lists, Lists, and More Lists"(released November 2010), the podcast included a surprise guest, Jennifer Brown, the author of Hate List. The hosts are also arranging for another best-selling author to appear, but this information is under major wraps.