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Percy Weasley is the third eldest child of Molly and Arthur Weasley. He was a Gryffindor Prefect and Head Boy at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, before working in the Department of International Magical Co-operation under Bartemius Crouch and then Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic under Cornelius Fudge. Percy's loyalties were initially to the Ministry of Magic above his family, however he gradually came to realise the Ministry was under Lord Voldemort's control and changed sides before the Battle of Hogwarts.


[edit] Character development

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[edit] Appearances

[edit] First book

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[edit] Second book

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[edit] Third book

Ron Weasley sent Harry Potter a clipping from the Daily Prophet featuring Percy along with their family in Egypt, having won a Galleon Prize Draw. Inside the letter Ron sent him he explains that Percy has been made Head Boy, and Harry sees Percy wearing his badge on his fez in the photo.[1]

[edit] Fourth book

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[edit] Fifth book

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[edit] Sixth book

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[edit] Final book

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[edit] Portrayals within films

Percy Weasley is portrayed in the films by Chris Rankin.

[edit] Characterisation

[edit] Outward appearance

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[edit] Personality

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[edit] Magical accomplishments and skills

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[edit] Possessions

  • Scabbers the rat, which he gave to his brother Ron
  • Hermes, a screech owl which his parents gave to him for becoming a Prefect
  • Horn-rimmed glasses
  • A Gryffindor Prefect badge
  • A Head Boy badge
  • A fez, which he possibly bought whilst on holiday in Egypt[1]

[edit] Family

Percy's parents are Molly Weasley and Arthur Weasley. He has two older brothers - Bill and Charlie - and four younger siblings - Fred, George, Ron and Ginny. Percy marries a woman called Audrey and has two daughters, Molly and Lucy.[2]

[edit] Reception

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[edit] In popular culture

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[edit] Additional Canon

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[edit] References

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