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A Parselmouth is a wizard or witch who has the ability to talk to snakes. The language of snakes is known as parseltongue. Salazar Slytherin is a famous Parselmouth, which is why the Slytherin house has a serpent for its symbol.[1] Slytherin's descendants also inherited this magical ability. Those mentioned in the series include Morvolvo Gaunt, Merope Guant, Morfin Gaunt, and Tom Morvolvo Riddle. Although not an descendant of Slytherin, Harry Potter is also able to talk to snakes, but he loses this ability after the bit of Lord Voldemort's soul is removed.[2] Herpo the Foul is another famous parselmouth, who was the first wizard to breed a basilisk.[3]

Many wizards associate being a Parselmouth with being into Dark Arts, however it is Albus Dumbledore's opinion that that there are Parselmouths among the great and the good too. [4]

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