Number 12, Grimmauld Place

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Number 12, Grimmald Place is the address of the Black family home in London. In 1995 the then owner of the house, Sirius Black, lent the house to Albus Dumbledore for use as the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. Following Sirius's death in the next year, Harry Potter inherited the house.


[edit] Notable Events in the books

[edit] Fifth Book

[edit] Sixth Book

[edit] Final Book

[edit] Appearance and Magical Protection

[edit] Floors

[edit] Kitchen

[edit] Ground Floor

[edit] First Floor

[edit] Upper Floors

[edit] Contents

  • A tapestry of the Black family tree, entitled The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.
  • Slytherin's Locket
  • A portrait of Sirius Black's mother

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