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Nifflers are magical creatures found in Britain who are attracted to glittery objects. They are fluffy and black, with long snouts. Their front claws are flat like spades, enabling them to burrow into the earth. Goblins use them to look for treasure. They are gentle and affectionate, but will tear a house apart. They usually live underground in lairs that are up to twenty feet under the surface.[1]


Appearances in the books

Fourth Book

During a Care of Magical Creatures class taught by Rubeus Hagrid, Harry Potter and his classmates were introduced to the Nifflers in a lesson where they each had to pick a Niffler and the person who's Niffer found the most amount of Leprechaun Gold hidden in a patch of earth by Hagrid's hut was given chocolate as a prize (this was won by Ron Weasley).[2]

Fifth Book

When Dolores Umbridge tried to take over Hogwarts school in 1995 she was resisted and the subject of a number of pranks. One of these was that someone was somehow able to repeatedly put Niffers in her office.[3] She suspected Rubeus Hagrid, however it turned out to have been Lee Jordan who had been levitating them through a window.[4]


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