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Nicholas James "Nick" Moran (born 23 December 1969) is an English actor, writer, producer and director, best known for his role as Eddy the card shark in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. He appeared as Scabior in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


[edit] Personal life

Moran was born in East End, London, to a hairdresser mother and an Automobile Association worker father.[1] Moran was engaged to actress/model Sienna Guillory in July 1997; they parted in 2000.

He has two brothers, "Simon" and Richard. Both work in the city of London in the IT Sector. Simon is a network support analyst specialising in Cisco equipment and sings and plays guitar in London band, Juke Joint Snipers. Richard is a UNIX administrator for the Financial Times. In Moran's spare time he practises karate.[2] Skills: Native British Accent, American, Karate (Purple belt Shotokan), Boxing, Horse Riding, Fencing (The Musketeer), Stunt Driving(Silent Partner, holds an ARDS International Racing Licence), Excellent guitarist and singer with recording experience. Nick fronts his own Frank Sinatra tribute band, often appearing at London’s Cafe De Paris & various charity events.[3]

[edit] Film career

Nick was born to John and Joan Moran (née Battman). Moran first hit the big screen in 1990 alongside Roger Daltrey and Chesney Hawkes, in Buddy's Song (1990). He then went on to star with Britpack waifs Hans Matheson and Samantha Morton in a Coky Giedroyc short, The Future Lasts a Long Time (1996). In Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), he shared the screen with Jason Statham, Dexter Fletcher, Jason Flemyng, Vinnie Jones and British rocker Sting, the last of whom played the role of his father, JD. Moran played a card shark who attempts to increase the savings of himself and his three friends by investing their money in a high-stakes poker bet against a local mobster, Harry "The Hatchet" Lonsdale. All of the money is lost due to Harry's cheating, and the group ends up in debt.

Moran co-starred with John Hurt in New Blood (1999), and also starred with Joseph Fiennes, Sadie Frost and Tara FitzGerald in Rancid Aluminium (2000). In 2001, he played the role of Aramis in The Musketeer, a film loosely based on Alexandre Dumas, père's classic novel, The Three Musketeers. The film co-starred Catherine Deneuve, Tim Roth, Mena Suvari, Stephen Rea, and Bill Treacher, with Justin Chambers in the role of D'Artagnan.

He appeared as Scabior, a snatcher in Fenrir Greyback's gang, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.[4]

[edit] Stage career

Moran has also had a number of stage appearances; his first job was understudying the lead in Blood Brothers in London's West End. He was in the original cast of Nick Grosso's Real Classy Affair at the Royal Court Theatre. Subsequent appearances include Paul Webb's Four Nights in Knaresborough,[5] Look Back in Anger both in 2001, Alfie in 2003, and The Countess in 2005.

[edit] Telstar

Moran co-wrote the play Telstar with James Hicks. It is a dramatisation of the life of Joe Meek, one of England's early independent record producers, who had a massive worldwide hit with The Tornados' 1962 Telstar single.

The play was directed by Paul Jepson and was staged at the New Ambassadors Theatre, London, 21 June-12 September 2005. This was the play's West End début after a successful small-scale National Tour that featured stars such as Linda Robson, Adam Rickitt and Con O'Neill.

A screen adaptation of the play, directed by Moran, was released in 2009. Con O'Neill reprised his stage role as Meek; Kevin Spacey played his financier, Major Banks.[6]

[edit] Directing

After his directorial début in Telstar, Moran went on to film The Kid, an adaptation of Kevin Lewis's book of the same name.

The movie stars Rupert Friend, Ioan Gruffudd, Natascha McElhone and Liam Cunningham, and is currently in post-production. It is due to be released in 2010.Template:Update after[7][8]

[edit] Filmography

[edit] Feature films

  • Hard Days, Hard Nights (1989) .... Rick
  • Buddy's Song (1990) .... Mike
  • The Future Lasts a Long Time (1996) .... Matt
  • Clancy's Kitchen (1996) .... Ivan
  • Miss Monday (1998) .... Jeremy
  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) .... Eddie
  • The Rules of Engagement (1999) .... Jimmy
  • New Blood (1999) .... Danny White
  • Star! Star! (1999) .... Anatol
  • Rancid Aluminium (2000) .... Harry the dealer
  • Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry (2000) .... Christie Malry
  • The Proposal (2001) .... Terry Martin
  • Another Life (2001) .... Percy Thompson
  • The Musketeer (2001) .... Aramis
  • White Bits (2002) .... Dave
  • Ant Muzak (2002) .... Goddard
  • Ashes and Sand (2002) .... Daniel
  • Ten Minutes (2003) .... Andy
  • Noise Control (2003) .... The Pilot (RAF Fighter jet pilot)
  • Chaos and Cadavers (2003) .... Edward Taggert
  • The Baby Juice Express (2004) .... Des
  • Spivs (2004) .... Steve
  • Soccer Dog: European Cup (2004) .... Bryan MacGreggor
  • American Daylight (2004) .... Lawrence Stokowski
  • The Last Drop (2005) .... Cpl Ives
  • Silent Partner (2005) .... Gordon Patrick
  • Puritan (2005) .... Simon Puritan
  • The Pistachio Nut (2005) .... Peter Hall
  • The Amazing Grace (2006) .... John Newton
  • Clubbing to Death (2007) .... Mark
  • Prisoners of the Sun (2007) .... Adam Prime
  • Goal! 3: Taking on the World (2009) .... Nick Ashworth
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2010) .... Scabior

[edit] Television

[edit] References

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