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Neville Longbottom is a wizard who was in the same year as Harry Potter at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Character development

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First book

We first see Neville when he's being told off by his gran, round-faced and teary as he looks for his toad, Trevor. Hermione Granger decided to help him look for it on the Hogwarts Express, leading to her first meeting with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. He takes a long time to be Sorted, eventually ending up in Gryffindor. He embarasses himself in front of all the school by running to his table with the Sorting Hat still on his head.

He soon proves to be forgetful as he gets caught in a trick staircase and makes mistakes in his lessons, most notably in Potions by melting Seamus Finnigan's cauldron, earning the scathing treatment of Professor Snape. Neville is terrified of his first flying lesson and injures himself quickly. He forgets password to the Gryffindor Common and ends up getting caught in Harry and Ron's attempt at a midnight duel along with Hermione. The experience terrified Neville.

He also attracts the attention of Slytherin bully, Draco Malfoy, who keeps jinxing him and telling him that he isn't brave enough to be in Gyffindor. In Harry's second ever game of Quidditch When Malfoy goads Ron to the point where Ron physically attacks him, Neville joins in to help. He took on both of Malfoy's larger freinds, Crabbe and Goyle, ending up by getting knocked out.

Despite Neville's fear of midnight wanderings he bravely tries to warn Harry and Hermione when he hears that his bully, Malfoy, is going to catch them out after hours. His attempts to warn them only get him caught as well, though. He lost fifty points for Gryffindor as a result and got a detention. Neville was made unpopular for his punishment, though he escaped the school-wide insults that Harry was given due to his being relatively unknown. For detention Neville, Harry, Hermione and Malfoy are sent with gamekeeper Hagrid into the Forbidden Forest. On their mission to find an injured unicorn, Neville was paired with Malfoy. Malfoy scared Neville into sending a signal for help and so switched places with Harry, as a result narrowly avoiding an encounter Lord Voldemort who Harry and Malfoy meet shortly afterwards in the forest.

At the end of the year when Harry, Ron and Hermione are once again planning on sneaking out after hours, Neville tries to stand up against them and stop them for the sake of Gryffindor House. Unfortunately the trio are on an important mission and wont be stopped. Hermione puts the full Body-Bind curse on Neville and they leave him immobile on the Common Room floor as they head out to the forbidden corridor. At the end of the year when the House points are calculated to determine which House wins the House Cup, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore saves until the last minute giving large numbers of points to Ron, Hermione and Harry for their efforts in stopping Voldemort from stealing the Philosopher's Stone (which had been hidden in the school). These points made Gryffindor's total equal to that of Slytherin. Last of all Dumbledore awards Neville ten points for the courage to stand up to his friends, his points being the ones to put Gryffindor in the lead and earn them the House Cup.

Second book

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Third book

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Fourth book

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Fifth book

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Sixth Book

Final book

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Portrayals within films

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Outward appearance

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Magical accomplishments and skills

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In popular culture

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Additional Canon


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