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Muggles in the Harry Potter books

This page should contain general information about Muggles, bloodlines, how the wizarding world feels/thinks about Muggles and interacts with them, etc.

This page should NOT contain lists of Muggles or information about specific Muggles except as examples.

Please give each specific Muggle their own LeakyPedia entry and move all info about them to their page.

Make sure to put categories such as Muggles, Muggles Families, etc at the bottom of each Muggle's page so that Muggle shows up on the proper category pages.

Likewise, you can use the "See Also" section of THIS page to include all the Muggle related categories that you would like to see linked here.

List of Every Muggle Ever Mentioned in the Series

Known Muggle Families

The Wizarding World's View on Muggles (and Muggle Things)

Muggle Studies

See Also