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This article is about Muggles in general. For a list with links to articles about specific Muggles, see Category:Muggles.

Muggles are the non-magical people of the Harry Potter series. Basically, anyone who is not a witch or wizard is a muggle. For example, Uncle Vernon is a muggle.


The Wizarding World's View on Muggles and Muggle Things


Many magical people, particularly pure-bloods, consider their own world superior to that of Muggles. Though many wizards treat Muggles with great respect. This is especially common during the reign of Lord Voldemort. During the Second Wizard War, The Ministry of Magic was very anti-muggle, and their slogan became "Magic is Might".

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The International Statue of Secrecy

The International Statue of Secrecy was put into effect when wizards went into hiding. Now, no muggles are supposed to know about magic except the Muggle Prime Minister.


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