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Question: What does the LeakyPedia consider to be canon?

Answer: Books written by J.K. Rowling are considered to be the highest form of canon.

Question: What does the LeakyPedia consider to be lesser canon?

Answer: Information coming from other sources such as the movies, video games, board games, action figures, amusement parks, and other Warner Brothers-sanctioned sources are considered lesser canon.

Question: How do we make the distinction between higher and lesser canon on LeakyPedia pages?

Answer: The main body of each LeakyPedia entry should contain the highest canon available. Lesser canon should be in an "Additional Canon" section lower on the page. You can make sub-sections under "Additional Canon" to deal specifically with each type of lesser canon. For instance, if the LeakyPedia entry is about a magical object, the "Additional Canon" section might have separate sub-sections for how that magical object differs in the movies, the video games, book art work, etc.

Question: What if the lesser canon is more than just a few paragraphs?

Answer: There can be LeakyPedia pages for movies, actors, video games, amusement parks, etc. Feel free to make a page for the lesser canon and provide a link on the higher canon page to that lesser canon page.

Question: What if the lesser canon is just a line or two? Can't we just include it in the main body of a LeakyPedia entry?

Answer: Absolutely, but please make sure you state where information came from. As much as possible provide references such as the name of the source, source date, source link, etc.

Question: So if a page is specifically about one of the movies, would the movie be considered the highest canon for that page?

Answer: That's essentially right. You'll want to save the main body of the movie page for strictly movie canon, leaving discussions about how the book differs for lower sections on the page. The same goes for actor and character pages. Try to keep the main body of an actor page for canon about the actor, placing specific information about characters they played lower on the page. You may frequently run into situations where you have paragraphs about differences between a movie and a book on both the movie and book page. You can use the Discussion page for each LeakyPedia entry to discuss with your fellow editors how best to split up information.

Question: What about J.K. Rowling interviews and quotes?

Answer: Please make sure you properly reference these. Just like with lesser canon, if it's short you may include it in within the main body of the entry. If it's a bit longer or if it contradicts what is in the books, please put in an additional canon sub-section.

If you have further questions about what is or is not considered canon do not hesitate to post a question in our forum.