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Joshua Colin M. Herdman[1] (born c. June 1987)[1] is an English actor known for his roles in the Harry Potter films as Gregory Goyle. He has appeared in all eight movies released to date.

Herdman was born in Hammersmith, London.[1] His father is actor Martin Herdman.[2]

He appeared in Deathly Hallows and revealed at Muggle Mayhem that Jamie Waylett would not be returning to Deathly Hallows due to a scandal involving drug charges. In the climactic Room of Requirement scene, Herdman's character (Goyle) uses the Fiendfyre curse, and faces the resulting consequence. In the book however, Waylett's character (Crabbe) is the one who uses the spell. In July 2009 Herdman appeared at London Film and Comic Con and two weeks later, appeared at Muggle Mayhem, a Harry Potter convention in London.

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