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hp-ohio is a group for adult (ages 18 and up) Harry Potter fans. It is based in Ohio, but people from all states are welcome to join the group. hp-ohio was founded to build a sense of community among adult fans and provide opportunities for them to socialize, discuss the Harry Potter universe, and be generally nerdy together [1].

[edit] Membership

In order to become an official member of hp-ohio, one must be at least 18 years old [2] and must register on the hp-ohio forums [3].

[edit] Events

Monthly meetings of hp-ohio are called "Harry Huddles" and are hosted by members of the group. Some huddles are annual events, such as Harry Potter Day at Loveland Castle, the Harry Potter Halloween Party (HPHP), and the Crystal Ball. Other events include hp-ohio-sponsored wizard rock concerts and attending midnight movie releases as a group. In the past, some hp-ohio members have attended fan conventions, such as Infinitus and Marcon, as a group [4] [5].

[edit] Ohio Quidditch League

hp-ohio sponsors four teams in the Ohio Quidditch League (OQL): Ohio Northern United, the AstraMaxima, the Daytonatti Dementors, and the Columbus Cruciatus. The league hosts approximately one game per month from April through September at varying parks around the state of Ohio [6].