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Grawp is a giant half-brother of Hagrid. Hagrid hid him in the Forbidden Forest to protect him and then he showed him to Hermione and Harry. He has a huge heart and loves his friends and liked to play with his broken toys. He can speak a little English, and understands Hagrid. He helped Harry and Hermione to trick Umbridge in their 5th year in the school year of 1994-1995. He also was on the short side of a giant, being only 16-ft tall. Grawp comforted Hagrid during Dumbledore's funeral. Grawp showed bravery in the final battle against Voldemort, as he tackled a full grown giant. By the seventh book in the Harry Potter series, Grawp had become very attached to Hagrid. He went looking for Hagrid during the battle.