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Benjamin James Dussault IV
Benjamin James Dussault IV
Danielle Penny Lane  - @ExpectoKiwiland - Melissa told me to.

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This is a general article about the fandom. For a list with links to articles about specific fandom things, see Category:Fandom.

The fandom is...


Reception to the Fandom


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Fan Sites

See also Fan Sites

BNFs (Big Name Fans)

Here is a list of Big Name Fans-

Melissa Anelli - whose name should probably be removed as she herself has stated in Harry, A History that being referred to as a BNF leaves her feeling as if she "was standing in to accept someone else's award or, worse, had been given one [she] never wished to get. (p225)

John Noe Emerson Spartz Andrew Sims Sarah Dorman Olivia Rebold


== Katie MAE Wilcox == Kaylin Mansley

== Brittany Depew =='

{Michelle Thornton}

Matthew Potter-of course the sexiest Hagrid ever

Rimma Borisova

(It's Actually) Alex M. - a big name fan trying desperately to persuade his parents to take him to LeakyCon. Click here to find out more and help me out: (Apologies for my shameless self-promotion :P )

Darren Criss -- everyone knows he loves Harry Potter the most.

Katie Dessin

Sara J Perkins

Sam Harris

Jaine Torres

Lorrie Hayes

Benjamin James Dussault IV

Danielle Penny Lane - @ExpectoKiwiland - Melissa told me to.


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