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The Three Broomsticks - Penn State University

Mischief Managed!- Chicago Marauders

OotP - Saint Andrew Junior High, Nova Scotia, Canada

Atlanta HP an adult Harry Potter group in Atlanta.

The Group That Shall Not Be Named - Harry Potter NYC




S.L.A.W. - St. Louis Area Wizards


The Seattle Harry Potter Meetup Group

Los Angeles Dumbledore's Army Meetup Group

Veneficium: Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Rowling House: Greater Phoenix Chapter Bold text

Don't know if an online group counts, but I'm an administrator on the Babycenter Harry Potter board.

The Poll Castle Commentators! We meet at the comments section of the Poll at TLC. We are about fifty people in number who have been chatting for over six years now.

Harry Potter book club disscusion group in IL

FelixFelicis - Spanish Harry Potter Group

Harry Potter Club- Fieldston Middle School, NYC

Harry Potter Club- The Computer School, NYC