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Ernie Macmillan is a Hufflepuff in the same year as Harry Potter at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was a member of Dumbledore's Army and fought in the Battle of Hogwarts. Ernie can be a bit pompous, but is generally loyal to Harry Potter and he is a supporter of Albus Dumbledore.[1]


[edit] Character development

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[edit] Appearances

[edit] First book

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[edit] Second book

Ernie believes that Harry Potter is the Heir of Slytherin after he hears Harry speak Parseltongue at the dueling club. Ernie is overheard by Harry in the library telling a group of Hufflepuffs that everyone knows being a Parselmouth is a mark of a Dark wizard. Ernie goes so far as to suggest that You-Know-Who wanted to kill Harry because he did not want another Dark Lord competing with him. When Harry confronts Ernie, Ernie makes a point of telling Harry that he can trace his family back through nine generations of witches and wizards.[2]

After Hermione is attacked, Ernie formally apologizes to Harry about his suspicions. He acknowledges that Harry would never attack his best friend and that they are now in the same boat. He and fellow Hufflepuff, Hannah Abbott then work with Harry and Ron in Herbology. Ernie also notes that Draco Malfoy is pleased about all the students being attacked and asks Harry if he thinks Draco is the Heir of Slytherin.[3]

[edit] Third book

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[edit] Fourth book

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[edit] Fifth book

Ernie Macmillan is made a Hufflepuff prefect along with Hannah Abbott.[4] Ernie makes a point of publicly supporting Harry and Dumbledore's claim that Voldemort has returned.[1] Later in the year he attends the meeting at the Hog's Head to discuss forming a Defense Against the Dark Arts group. Ernie makes a point of saying that forming this defense group is the most important thing they will do all year. However, he is hesitant to sign his name until Hermione reassures him that she is not going to leave the list laying about.[5] In the first DA meeting, Harry notes that Ernie flourishes his wand unnecessarily. [6] As OWLS approach Ernie begins to interrogate other students about how much studying they are doing. He makes a point of letting everyone know he is doing eight or nine hours a day.[7] After the Astronomy OWL exam Ernie talks to Harry, Ron, and Hermione about how dreadful it was for Professor McGonagall to shot in the chest with four Stunners.[7] Ernie is also among the DA members who attack Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, and Gregory Goyle on the Hogwarts Express to prevent them from ambushing Harry Potter.[8]

[edit] Sixth book

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[edit] Final book

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