Dursley Family

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[edit] The Dursley Family

Vernon Dursley is completely Muggle. He has no use for anything having to do with magic, thank you very much. As far as we're told, his family consists of himself, his wife Petunia, their spoiled son Dudley, and his sister, Marjorie (Aunt Marge).

The Dursleys' view of the Potters: It isn't clear what their source is, but the Dursleys seem to be under the impression that James Potter did not work. Vernon calls him a "good-for-nothing" (PS1) and Marge viciously calls them drunks and layabouts and says that they got what they deserved. Rowling has told us that James Potter was so wealthy that he did not need a well-paying job (AOL) so Vernon's and Marge's assertions are at best misleading and at worst, fabrications.