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The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures is the second largest department of the Ministry of Magic (after the Department of Magical Law Enforcement), found on level four of the building. It deals with concealing magical creatures from Muggles, as well as the needs of those creatures and controlling them. They provide safe habitats for creatures and control the selling and breeding of them. In severe cases uncontrollable creatures can be executed and the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophies will provide Obliviators to aid in removing the memory of events from Muggles who may have seen.[1]

It has three main divisions, established in 1811 by Grogan Stump, the Minister for Magic at the time. These are the Beast, Being, and Spirit Divisions. For a creature to qualify as a being they need to have sufficient intelligence to understand the laws of the magical community and to bear a part of the responsibility in shaping those laws. Those who class as spirits would fall under that category if it weren't for the fact that calling them 'beings' is inappropriate.[1]


[edit] Beast Division

Centaur Liason Office

Although both Centaurs and merpeople could be classed as beings, they elected to be known as beasts. There is a Centaur Liason Office within this division, however no centaur has ever used it.

Werewolf Registery and Werewolf Capture Unit

There is a debate as to which division werewolves should belong in. However the registery and Capture Unit are part of the Beast Division as they deal with the untamable side of werewolves.

[edit] Being Division

Werewolf Support Services

This service is found in the Being Division as it deals with werewolves when they are in their human form and not dangerous.

[edit] Spirit Division

The Spirit Division was created at the request of ghosts who felt that they were more 'has-beens' than 'beings'.

Ghoul Task Force

The Ghoul Task Force exists to remove ghouls from Muggle houses, however, in wizarding families ghouls present no trouble.

[edit] Pest Sub-Division

This includes the Pest Advisory Burau. Members of this sub-division will help wizards rid themselves of troublesome pests.

[edit] Goblin Liason Office

[edit] Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures

[edit] Ministry of Magic Classifications

To classify how dangerous a creature is, the Ministry of Magic has created five categories:

XXXXX Known wizard killer / impossible to train or domesticate
XXXX Dangerous / requires specialist knowledge / skilled wizard may handle
XXX Competant wizard should cope
XX Harmless / may be domesticated
X Boring

[edit] Known Employees

Dirk Cresswell

Amos Diggory


[edit] Known Heads of Department

Hermione Granger

[edit] References

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