Defense Against Dumb 'A's (who don't get HP)

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Defense Against Dumb 'A's (who don't get HP) is the Northern Virginia Harry Potter Meetup group.

We have monthly book, character, topic and fandom discussions.

Our activities include movie viewings, Wizard Rock concerts, game nights, HP charades and playing Quidditch. We also hold parties for Harry Potter’s birthday, Halloween and Yule.

We are partnered with our local Harry Potter Alliance Chapter, Carpe Futurum.

Our members have attended HP conventions, HP-themed scavenger hunts, baseball games, the Harry Potter Exhibition and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We are looking forward to new Meetups, new movies, new discussions and new friends.

New members of all Houses are welcome. Suggestions and comments are also welcome.  :-)

Facebook: DADA Facebook