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Cleansweeps are a series of broomsticks that is produced by the Cleansweep Broom Company.


[edit] Cleansweep Series

[edit] Cleansweep One

The Cleansweep One was the first broom produced by the Cleansweep Broom company. It started being manufactured in 1926, and, within a year, it had conquered the racing-broom market. It was designed as a sport broom and took corners better then any broom at the time.

[edit] Cleansweep Two

The Cleansweep Two is a broom that was made to improve the Cleansweep One. It began production in 1934.

[edit] Cleansweep Three

The Cleansweep Three was a broom to improve on the Cleansweep Two and was released in 1937.

[edit] Cleansweep Five

There is not much known about the Cleansweep Five, though the Weasley Twins are known owners of this model.

[edit] Cleansweep Six

There is not much known about the Cleansweep Six, though The Quibbler published an article about a wizard who allegedly flew to the moon on the back of a Cleansweep Six and returned with a bag of moon frogs.

[edit] Cleansweep Seven

Not much known about this broom. The Cleansweep Seven was suggested as a viable broom for Harry Potter when he was still looking for a quidditch broom for his first game.

[edit] Cleansweep Eleven

The Cleansweep Eleven was released in 1995. It can go from zero to seventy in ten seconds and is made with a special Spanish oak handle. Ron Wealsey is a notable owner of this broom.