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===Magical accomplishments and skills===
===Magical accomplishments and skills===
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Cho Chang graduated from Hogwarts in 1995. She was a member of Dumbledore's Army and fought against Voldemort during the Final Battle.

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Cho Chang, born 1978 or 1979, is a Ravenclaw student in the year above Harry at Hogwarts. She plays Seeker on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team.


Character development

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Third book

Cho Chang is introduced during the Third book as the Seeker for Ravenclaw's Quidditch team. Harry Potter describes her as being pretty, though he makes no move to pursue her during the novel.[1]

Fourth book

In the fourth book, Harry has a crush on Cho. He wants to ask Cho to the Yule Ball, but once he finally gets his courage up to ask her, she is already going with Cedric Diggory.[2] Cho dances with Cedric a lot at the ball, and Harry watches them the whole time.[3]

Fifth book

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry shows romantic feelings for Cho, and shares his first kiss with her after a Dumbledore's Army meeting before the Christmas break. As Cho was crying, Harry described the kiss to Ron and Hermione as "wet.". The trio begins to have a discussion about how Cho felt and if Harry was a good kisser or not.[4]

Sixth Book

Final book

She shows up for the final battle at Hogwarts. She is going to bring Harry to look at the model of the diadem of Ravenclaw, but Ginny makes Luna bring Harry instead.[5]

Portrayals within films

Cho Chang is portrayed primarily as Harry's love interest in the films, played by Katie Leung. She is introduced in the fourth movie, and causes much tension between Harry and Cedric.

In the sixth movie, she is a member of Dumbledore's Army and is the one who rats out on them to Professor Umbridge. Though, it later revealed that she was under the influence of Veritaserum, and not entirely at fault.


Outward appearance

Cho is often described as being pretty, especially from Harry's perspective. She is a Seeker, which implies that she has a slight, athletic build and is quick on her feet (or broom). Her names indicates that she is of Chinese ancestry.


Unfortunately, Cho is mostly personified through Harry's interest in her. She's a Ravenclaw, so she is supposedly intelligent. She also likes to play Quidditch. She's rather popular, as she's always seen with a group of Ravenclaw girls.

After Cedric's death, she becomes slightly erratic, often bursting into fits of tears. According to Hermione, she was so anxious that she was faced with the possibility of being kicked off of the Quidditch team. She seems unable to deal with Cedric's death, and attempts to have Harry as a replacement, unable to process the feelings that she may or may not have towards him. It's likely that she feels some obligation, as a popular and pretty girl, to have an equally popular boyfriend. In the end, it seems that Harry and Cho are able to have an awkward friendship, intensified through their efforts in Dumbledore's Army.

Magical accomplishments and skills

Cho Chang graduated from Hogwarts in 1995. She was a member of Dumbledore's Army and fought against Voldemort during the Final Battle.


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