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Atlanta HP is an adult (18+) Harry Potter fan group in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. The group was started 6+ years ago, and their first official meeting was on July 31st 2004.

Atlanta HP's Activities:

Monthly Parties to discuss all things Harry Potter and play fun Potterized games such as, HP Pictionary, HP Apples to Apples, HP Family Feud, and many others.

Atlanta HP's own version of the Third Task held at a local corn maze.

Gift exchanges to celebrate Harry's Birthday and holidays.

Line Parties for the midnight movie releases.

Marching in the Atlanta Gay Pride Parade in support of Albus Dumbledore. our gay Headmaster.

An Annual Harry Potter themed Slumber Party!

Attend Dragon*Con, our local geek fest.

and lots more Harry Potter fun through out the year!!!!

Contact Information:

Atlanta HP Facebook Page

Atlanta HP Website