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An Animagus is the term used to describe a magical person who can transform himself/herself into a specific animal. Only very powerful witches and wizards can have the power to do this and must train for several years before that can all happen.


[edit] Being an Animagus

[edit] Becoming an Animagus

Becoming an Animagus is a long, hard-worked-at skill in which a wizard or witch can become a specific animal, which is determined by the personality of that person. It has been the strong-skilled wizards and witches who have mastered this form, which takes long training and hard work. Opposed to Transfiguration, an Animagus does not need the use of a wand or spell to change form, and rather can do it mentally.

[edit] Characteristics and Abilities

The characteristics and personality of one's self determines what animal the witch of wizard will morph into. A mastered Animagus retains all thoughts and its mind of their human form while in their animal form with no repercussions. All known Animagi have the same animal form as they do with their patronus, and it is thought that this is how all Animagi work. To some extent, Animagi have the ability to communicate with other animals such as Peter Pettigrew asking directions from other rats in the search for Lord Voldemort [1] . Telling an Animagi apart from other animals can sometimes be tricky, but they all have some of their human characteristics embedded onto their animal self. For example; Professor Minerva McGonagall takes the form of a tabby cat and retains spectacle shaped markings around her eyes [2] . They will also pass over any distinguishing features of the person such as a lost limb or balding head. Animagi will also lose any clothing on them at the time as they change, but will regain it again once they change back.

[edit] Known Animagi

There are several counts of Animagi in the Wizarding world; both known and unknown to the Ministry.

[edit] Law on Animagi

Once you become an Animagus, it is a law that you register with 'The Improper Use of Magic Office' in the Ministry of Magic. The main reason for this is so that the Ministry is able to keep track of them and make sure they are doing the right thing. While registering, you must include your animal form and distinguishing markings and characteristics so it is able to be made public. The penalty for not registering is an unknown sentence in Azkaban. [4]

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