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Albus Severus Potter is the second child of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. He has two siblings, Lily Luna Potter and James Sirius Potter. At the end of book seven, in the epilogue Nineteen Years Later, Albus is eleven, the age that he is allowed to attend Hogwarts. He shows fear for being put into Slytherin house, which Harry quickly assures him that it would make no difference to his family, and that, should he will it, Albus could simply choose to be put in a different house to Slytherin.

[edit] Appearance

[edit] Book Seven

Book Seven

The Epilogue states that, of Harry's three children, only Albus had inherited Lily's (his paternal grandmother) eyes. Since it is mentioned that Albus is Harry in miniature, we can assume he has messy black hair.

[edit] Personality

While James appears to take after his namesakes by being very loud, Albus is a lot quieter and more thoughtful.