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Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot and mentor to Harry Potter. He was master of the Elder Wand after defeating Grindlewald, and was vital in bringing down Lord Voldemort, though he was killed on his own orders before this actually happened.


[edit] Character development

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[edit] Appearances

[edit] First book

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[edit] Second book

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[edit] Third book

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[edit] Fourth book

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[edit] Fifth book

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[edit] Sixth Book

Dumbledore needs a particular memory from Horace Slughorn. So he gets him to work at the school as the new potions master, making Severus Snape the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. He asks Harry Potter to try to warm up to Slughorn so that he can obtain this memory. Dumbledore keeps Harry very involved with him through out the school year. Finally they get this memory of a young Tom Riddle asking Slughorn about Horcruxes. Dumbledore shows Harry many memories pertaining to the Horcruxes they are trying to find.

Soon Dumbledore finds what he thinks is the next hiding place of a Horcrux, and he asks Harry to accompany him to the place. It is a cave where Voldemort spent his childhood. Dumbledore slices his hand to enter the cave. They find the Horcrux, but it is untouchable unless someone drinks the potion surrounding it. Dumbledore proceeds to drink it. While drinking he says things like, "It's all my fault!" After he is done drinking it, he asks Harry to get him water. Upon touching the water, inferi come out and pull Harry in. Dumbledore casts a spell that sends a whirl of fire around them and the inferi back off. Weak, Dumbledore can't apparate back to Hogsmeade, so Harry does it.

When they get back they see the dark mark over the school. They get brooms and fly to the astronomy tower. Dumbledore asks Harry to get Severus Snape instead of Madame Pomfrey. Then the doors are opened. Malfoy steps out and disarms Dumbledore, but before he does Dumbledore freezes Harry so he can't do anything. Dumbledore tries to tell Malfoy that he isn't an assassin, but Malfoy won't listen. Then other death eaters join them. They try to get Malfoy to kill Dumbledore, but he doesn't do it. Then Snape comes. Dumbledore then says, "Severus....Please." Snape casts Avada Kedavra on him, and he falls off the astronomy tower. Dead.

[edit] Final book

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[edit] Portrayals within films

In the first two movies, Dumbledore was played by Richard Harris. But then he died and Michael Gambon took over. He has been Dumbledore ever since. Gambon has admitted to never reading the books.

[edit] Characterisation

[edit] Outward appearance

In the first book, Dumbledore is described as being tall, thin, and very old with long silver hair and a beard, bright blue eyes, and a long and crooked nose. .[1]

[edit] Personality

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[edit] Magical accomplishments and skills

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[edit] Possessions

[edit] Family

Albus Dumbledore was the son of Kendra and Percival Dumbledore. He was the oldest of three children. His younger brother was Aberforth and his sister was Ariana.

[edit] Reception

Dumbledore is a very important part of the books and movies. In the all but the sixth one there is a very important conversation between Harry and Dumbledore that reveals significant information.

[edit] In popular culture

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[edit] Additional Canon

Albus Dumbledore was confirmed as a gay wizard by interview with J.K. Rowling. He was in love with Grindelwald, and he looked over his many flaws. However, she also said that he was a 'celebate man who never acted on his feelings.'

Albus Dumbledore was also an owner of the famed Elder Wand, later transferred it's ownership Draco Malfoy, and finally, by none other than Harry Potter.

[edit] Films

Dumbledore's wand [[1]]

[edit] References

  1. J. K. Rowling, PS, Chapter One

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