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Jo said this question is 'crucial': Why did Dumbledore have the invisibility cloak when he does not need one to become invisible?

Posted by Melissa
September 13, 2006, 04:34 PM
Because James wanted to hide it with Dumbledore
7772 (32%)
Because it is an artifact of Godric's and/or a horcrux
5557 (23%)
Because Snape was hiding under it at Godric's Hollow on Oct 31, 1981.
6148 (26%)
Because he wanted to sneak into the latest movie
1225 (5%)
Some other reason which I'll discuss in the comments, because it's nutty to think this poll will encompass all choices.
2643 (11%)
It's this week's PotterCast Canon Conundrums, so I'll tell you via phone message at Skype name PotterCast or 702.42.LEAKY.
284 (1%)
  23629 votes in total


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