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Ginny Weasley:

Posted by Melissa
July 11, 2006, 03:15 PM
Will follow the trio on their Horcrux hunt
5609 (17%)
Will show up somewhere unexpected during said Horcrux hunt
6339 (19%)
Will die
2804 (8%)
Will live
1951 (6%)
Knows more spells than the Bat Bogey Hex
1721 (5%)
A combination of some of the above
11611 (35%)
Is evil and used love potion to get Harry to like her and doesn't really like Quidditch but just taught herself to be good to manipulate Harry and her red hair means she's a shrew and her being possessed by Tom means she's weak and she serves no purpose and I can't like her at all because Harry should like ME.
2359 (7%)
  32394 votes in total


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