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Favorite part of new Harry Potter trailer?

Posted by Melissa
May 03, 2011, 11:55 PM
The romantic good vs. evil swan dive
519 (15%)
The "mother" of all duels
1244 (36%)
The Knights of Hogwarts
515 (15%)
Dropped Dead Fred
588 (17%)
Something else!
531 (15%)
  3397 votes in total



Good middle-of-the-night, everyone!
I’m doing an all-nighter, so I thought I’d be productive, catch up on Leaky, and explore more of Pottermore…and then Pottermore shut down for routine updates. Sigh. After I post here, I’m going to head over to the other Castle to write a somewhat spoiler-ish post about the sorting and its questions. So feel free to go check that out, if anyone’s curious…and awake.

LadyHawke, since reading the series, I’d always considered myself a Ravenclaw. However, I was sorted into Hufflepuff. I will talk about this revelation more at the other Castle.

Good grief, lurkers, please stay safe. All of you. If only we magical folk still used flying carpets…


Posted by Ava/TheWeapon on August 26, 2011, 06:44 AM report to moderator
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Morning all!

I have no idea why I am up at 5:30am, but since I am and am not coherant enough to do school work yet, I figured I’d take advantage of the time to pop in and say hello (and hopefully I’ll be able to fall asleep again for at least a little while after that).

I am a bad HP fan – I was so excited to get my Pottermore letter the other day, but I still haven’t gone into the site yet! Things have just been so hectic, and I want to be able to go slowly and enjoy it when I do go in, so I’ve been waiting. Plus, since I wanted to match my pace with my reading of SS to my nephew, I’ll have to wait for the sorting, which is the part I’m most eager for, so if I go in now, I’ll be tempted to just keep going to that, rather than wait. During our last reading, we got up to Diagon Alley, stopping just before entering Gringotts, but I’m babysitting today and possibly tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll arrive at Hogwarts by then and I get spend some time in the site on Sun…provided I don’t lose power right away.

Preparations are well under way here for the hurricane; it should be hitting us on Sunday, but be down to a category 1 by then, which is what I believe the previous two I’ve experienced were (Gloria in 1985, when I was 7, and Bob in 1991, when I was 13); I remember being without power for a couple of days for each and lots of downed trees. We lost a big one in our backyard during Bob; it fell out on our fence and across the street that ran along the side of our house, so good that it missed the house, but bad in that it blocked that street for a couple of days until the town could make it out to chop it up and remove it. We’re expecting much the same for this one, but with higher threats of flooding than back then. My dad and I are trying to decide whether we’ll be better off in our apartments or at the new house. My sister has moved in, so we’d have to hang out on her side if we go over there. The apt would be good because there are no trees directly next to us, but we’d have more chance of being stuck because of flooding; our intersection tends to fill up fast. The house shouldn’t be as much of a concern flooding-wise, but there are several large trees on the property, so there’s the chance that one of those will fall. I’ll let my dad decide and just go wherever he thinks is best.

Training at work has been going well; the girl seems like she’s going to catch on quickly. But of course, just the fact that I have to talk through everything I’m doing is slowing me down, and then I try to give her opportunities to try stuff out herself…so it’s been long, tiring days, and I feel so disconnected not being able to pop online throughout the day. Monday I came home with such a sore throat I could barely talk and was afraid I was getting sick, but then I realized that it was actually from talking all day! I usually sit quietly at my desk, but with the training I’d pretty much talked for 8 1/2 hours straight! On top of the training, it’s been crazy there because of the storm, with having to increase orders hugely. And they even changed around our delivery schedule so that everything’s going out a day earlier than normal so the trucks won’t be on the roads on Sunday. It’s the first time they’ve ever done that since I’ve been there; even during snowstorms they don’t usually change deliveries by more than a couple of hours either earlier or later. We were scrambling to get all the ordering info in in time for production to be able to bake all of the product, since it was higher volume and they had less time to finish it all. Even people who’ve been there for many years more than I have can’t remember them every changing deliveries like this, so that was when I realized this storm was a big deal! I worked 10 1/2 hours yesterday…I was so exhausted when I got home (which is why I can’t believe I’m up this early today!)

Hmm…I think that’s everything that’s been going on with me. And I’ll have to save catching up on posts, since I am now finally starting to feel the earliness, and will hopefully be able to doze off for an hour or two. I’ll be back when I can…possibly tomorrow morning, because my trainee won’t be working Saturdays so I should be able to pop in between reports like I usually do. :)

Posted by Bookworm Jen on August 26, 2011, 06:48 AM report to moderator
1884 Points

Morning All

I have been wondering if you were going to be affected by the hurrican Jen. They show Boston in the path so I thought you would be affected by either the high winds or possibly flooding. Thanks for letting us know something. Try to let us know which way you all decide to ride out the storm. I can’t believe you haven’t been into Pottermore yet. Lol

Ava I will check out the castle to see your post. I am constantly being surprised by where everyone has been sorted. The only person I figured would get into a differet house would be Ella but who knows for sure.

Mistic seems to think she won’t be affected by the flooding but she does have trees in her back yard. I hope she will be safe. She did have to evacuate during the last hurricane that went up the East coast but she lives somewhere else now. She doesn’t live right on the coast but still I think she still might be in harm’s way. I am already switching between CNN and the weather channel watching the progress of Irene.

Posted by Cool G on August 26, 2011, 08:52 AM report to moderator
245 Points

I am shocked about FELIPE. He has always considered himself to be a HUFFLEPUFF and he sorted into SLYTHERIN. WHAT?

Sorry LEMON, it is more shocking to me that a HUFFLEPUFF sorted into SLYTHERIN than you sorting into RAVENCLAW.

Posted by Lady Hawke on August 26, 2011, 09:53 AM report to moderator
1884 Points

Lady Hawke I agree with you about Felipe. There is no way he is a Slytherin.

Posted by Cool G on August 26, 2011, 10:44 AM report to moderator

I’m just trying to except the Houses in which we are sorted into. I can definitely see Felipe being in Slytherin, with Hufflepuff being second on the list.

Posted by Ava/TheWeapon on August 26, 2011, 11:11 AM report to moderator

Um. I think I heard somewhere that there’s a list of our Leaky names connected to our Pottermore names? Can someone post that at the other castle? I really want to start adding you guys when you’re entered into the beta.

Posted by Ava/TheWeapon on August 26, 2011, 11:19 AM report to moderator
245 Points

AVA, are you not back on FB yet? It is there but I imagine someone who knows how to move those things can do it.

I can move it to a post on Pottermore thread at the New Castle but I don’t know how to set up a file.

Posted by Lady Hawke on August 26, 2011, 12:30 PM report to moderator
245 Points

AVA, done.

Posted by Lady Hawke on August 26, 2011, 12:45 PM report to moderator
245 Points

I’ve posted FELIPE’s HUGE posts from FB in regard to his sorting on the Pottermore thread at the New Castle so those of you not on FB can see them.

Posted by Lady Hawke on August 26, 2011, 01:36 PM report to moderator
231 Points

Jen: I love the fact that when you are not yet coherant you feel it is a good time
to come and talk to us. hehe.

Posted by ironsos on August 26, 2011, 02:51 PM report to moderator
231 Points

I am wondering if Jo hired a team of Sociology majors to create the sorting questions.

Posted by ironsos on August 26, 2011, 04:26 PM report to moderator
857 Points

The huuy-er I go the behind-er I get! ;)

Posted by Deanie on August 26, 2011, 04:52 PM report to moderator
857 Points

Sorry…hurry-er…. ;)

Posted by Deanie on August 26, 2011, 04:53 PM report to moderator
857 Points

I got my new computer here at work today and I can’t get into the new castle. I thought I had the correct password, but evidently not. ;)

Posted by Deanie on August 26, 2011, 04:54 PM report to moderator
857 Points

Hat trick! ;)

Posted by Deanie on August 26, 2011, 04:54 PM report to moderator
56 Points

Caught up. No invite to Pottermore yet.


Posted by Josephine on August 26, 2011, 06:54 PM report to moderator
404 Points

Wotcher Ya’ll

In no way, shape or form is Felipe a Slytherin!!!!!!! at least from what I know of and have seen of him.

from what I’m seeing of the sorting Ironsos I think she hired a team of Scientologists. LOL

Protego to the East Coasters, we haven’t heard from Won for a day now, right? Good luck and stay safe Jen & Mistic & Won (any others in harms way? Deanie? )

Posted by Sirius B (HeartMagic104) on August 27, 2011, 12:05 AM report to moderator
1040 Points

Just running in to send MAJOR Protegos to Won, Jen, Mistic and anyone else in the path of this very nasty looking storm. Stay safe you guys, I will be thinking of you! It’s worrisome that Won hasn’t posted for a full day already. Scary, scary.

Sirius I very much agree with you: after spending a full week with Felipe I can not see, in any way, shape or form, how he Sorted into Slytherin, but since he did, I am at least very glad that he seems to be okay with it. I think I would have had heart failure, LOL. Ravenclaw threw me for enough of a loop as it was. LH I totally know what you mean. As shocked (and upset) as I am to be Sorted Ravenclaw, I was far more shocked to hear about Felipe’s House!

However, LP also Sorted Slytherin, as she was hoping and we all predicted. She is the first person I know personally to get the House that A) they actually wanted and B) seems to me to be the proper fit. She is extremely ambitious and determined. Very (good) Slytherin!

I am still sulking about the Ravenclaw thing. Not that I don’t admire that House. I do. It’s just not mine. I have decided that I deliberately got into that House in order to act as a Gryffindor spy so that I can report back to my true House on all the interesting goings-on in Ravenclaw. That made me feel a touch better, and also an email I got from a friend of mine, which was so sweet and very much the “you are totally a Gryffindor” type note, which she then finished off with a quite strongly worded, very funny line I can’t replicate here due to the swear words involved, LOL, but it was so shockingly funny and unexpected after the very sweet nature of the rest of the email that I totally laughed out loud, the first and only time I have done so over my Sorting. So that was a very nice start to the day, LOL. But I am still sulking.

The DS got back from Montana this morning, then we hightailed it up north to meet friends for dinner and then went to a Huey Lewis & the News concert at the Chateau Ste Michelle winery. It was a fun evening, though sad to see how old poor Huey has gotten. He’s also losing the strength in his voice, I think. They cut the concert fairly short, too, IMO, and didn’t do a bunch of crowd favorites, so that was sort of disappointing, but still a nice night. The weather, unlike on the east coast right now, was perfect.

Have a good night, everyone! And stay safe, east coasters!!!!


Ava I meant to mention how much I enjoyed your detailed posts! Made me feel like I was back there myself! :)

Posted by Headmistress LemonFaerie on August 27, 2011, 04:00 AM report to moderator
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Good afternoon!

We got back last night after a fab few days away. Naturally, I am spending quality time with the washing machine today.

I am so excited………..I woke up this morning to find my Pottermore email! I want to go and explore…………and be Sorted. But I am being patient. The last thing I want to do is rush through it, so I will wait ’til I have the time to do it properly.

It’s awful to hear about the scary weather. I hope you all stay safe.

Back later…………Squeeeeeeeee.

Posted by asti on August 27, 2011, 08:52 AM report to moderator
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Morning all!

It feels so good to be at work by myself. The girl I’m training is really nice, but I just feel so off-kilter having someone sitting here with me the whole day when I’m used to having my space to myself (and not just because it means I can’t come online). It also makes me feel unorganized, since I’ve got her stuff in here, so I don’t have all of mine where it usually is. I do have a lot to do today, both little things that I couldn’t do while she was here and the bigger stuff that’s come up because of the hurricane (despite all of the additional product we sent out, it’s sounding like most stores in the area ran out of bread yesterday, so we’ve packed on even more to today’s deliveries) and also with planning for Labor Day weekend. But, I wanted to at least stop here and try to catch up…though it’ll be more of a skimming sort of catch up.

Ava, I did read Chain Reaction, but I have to admit that I didn’t love it. Mild spoilers to follow Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood for it just then, but it sort of felt repetitive of the first two. I think it’s partly because with the first book, since I hadn’t read anything by Elkeles before, I had no idea how it would turn out, especially since it was a very Romeo/Juliet, West Side Story-type of plot. So for me it was an exciting, edge of the seat read, not knowing if there’d be a happy or tragic ending. Then, with the second, I had more of an idea of where it was going, yet the setting was fresh and the personalities of the characters were so different than in the first that it was still exciting and interesting. But I don’t know, with Chain Reaction for some reason it didn’t feel to me like there was anything new or different in it, and I didn’t feel like there was enough tension drawn out between the characters; they got together and were madly in love too quickly for me. I’m sad because I really wanted to love it!

I’ve mostly been skimming posts, but I had to pause and read your account of the Wizarding World, HW! It was awesome to relive it all through you! I can’t wait to go back! :D

Aww, Lemon, I’m sorry you didn’t get Gryffindor! I hope Ravenclaw will grow on you over time so you’ll be able to enjoy Pottermore fully. To be completely honest, though whispers I can totally see you as a Ravenclaw. If I didn’t already know that you prefer to identify as Gryffindor, I’d have said you were a Ravenclaw. It’s the creative, clever side of Ravenclaw, which is the aspect of the house that I don’t feel I embody – it seems like a lot of authors are Ravenclaws. Also, I saw someone talking about how on Pottermore there are more Ravenclaws than the other houses so far and speculating that it was likely because those who snagged early entries are the hard-core fans, and we tend to be big readers who are more open to the possibilities of magic in the world thanks to our love of the series and desire for it to be real. Makes sense to me! But anyway, like I said, I am sorry that you’re so disappointed, and I hope you’ll get more used to it as time goes on and it sinks in.

It’s really interesting to me to see that there are a few people here who have been sorted differently than they expected/wanted. While I hadn’t been keeping up here the last week, I’d been reading Twitter, and most people over there have been sorted “correctly”; I’ve only seen a couple of people who were different. One was Evanna Lynch, who got Gryffindor and was thrown for a bit since she’s always identified with Luna. But she seems to now have embraced her Gryffindor side, and I have to say that having read her letter in Dear Mr. Potter, I think she’s definitely a Gryffindor. The other “surprise” was John Noe getting into Ravenclaw, but again, I think it totally fits. He has always joked that he’s a Slytherin, but it usually just seemed like he was doing it to play a part, and especially to bug Sue Upton because they enjoyed bantering back-and-forth. But he’s actually always seemed very clever and creative, particularly in his theorizing, which would often sound completely off-the-wall when he’d say it, and then would suddenly turn out to be true, LOL. So yeah, from reading Twitter, I’d been thinking that all of the sorting was going well, so it was interesting to come here and get a different perspective.

Posted by Bookworm Jen on August 27, 2011, 09:46 AM report to moderator
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Had to post quickly because someone was coming in and I didn’t want to lose what I had. But just to finish up…

Thanks for the heads up on the Pottermore thread in the new castle. I will check it out once I finally go in and begin exploring the site. (I hope I can get in…I don’t think I’ve been over there in probably at least a year. Do they de-activate accounts after a while?)

LOL, ironsos, I barely even remember posting here yesterday morning, that’s how half asleep I was! It feels like I dreamt it.

My dad and I still haven’t decided whether we’ll stay home or head to the new house tomorrow. If my sister has to work, I’ll be babysitting because she doesn’t want to send my nephew up to his father’s in the storm, so I’d most likely be at her house, at least during the day. When I get out of work today, we may take a ride out to Newport to see the waves if it hasn’t started raining here yet. They were pretty impressive last year when we came close to getting Hurricane Earl, and I imagine they’ll be even more so now since this time the storm’s a definite. (Don’t worry, we don’t go close to the edge of the sea wall or out on rocks when it’s like this, so there’s no danger of our being swept out to sea by a large wave.)

Right now the projections are that the heaviest part of the storm will hit overnight tonight and last through tomorrow night. I’m making sure everything is all charged up, and if we lose power, I’ll at least make a quick post from my phone to let you all know how it’s going!

Posted by Bookworm Jen on August 27, 2011, 10:06 AM report to moderator
1623 Points

*In glancing over that last post, I realized it might sound like I was saying “I hope I can get in” to Pottermore, but I was actually refering to the new castle. That’s the one I haven’t been over to in ages.

Posted by Bookworm Jen on August 27, 2011, 10:08 AM report to moderator
857 Points

Aloha! ;)

I’m safe. Atlanta is so far inland that we would just get lots of rain. And it is aiming much farther up the east coast than Georgia. There is all of South Carolina’s coast betweem Georgia and Irene.

My sister took her honeymoon in Nag’s Head, NC, so I do know where it is. It’s on the northern part of the NC coast. ;)

I hope Won’s silence means that he did pack Kippy up and head for the casino. ;)

Posted by Deanie on August 27, 2011, 12:09 PM report to moderator
106 Points

I am a Ravenclaw!

I think I am quite pleased.

Posted by asti on August 27, 2011, 12:57 PM report to moderator
245 Points

ASTI, I asked on FB but what house did you feel you were in before testing?

Posted by Lady Hawke on August 27, 2011, 01:25 PM report to moderator
106 Points

Lady Hawke, I’ve always felt I was a Hufflepuff.

I actually feel quite good about myself that I met up to Ravenclaw’s standard! Isn’t that silly!

Posted by asti on August 27, 2011, 01:43 PM report to moderator
245 Points

I’m getting very anxious with “Hufflepuffs” sorting into Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

After reading the Ravenclaw welcome message I think Ravenclaw is the place for my daughter. Won’t say why as it might be a spoiler.

Posted by Lady Hawke on August 27, 2011, 03:33 PM report to moderator
102 Points

Hellooooooo leaky! oh my what a nutty couple weeks it’s been! Whoooooooo!!!!!!!

I have only skimmed hte past few pages but sending lots of protegos!!!!!!! to Won and Mistic since Irene is in their neck of the woods right now!!! And protegos to Cordelia and Jen for tonight and tomorrow! O.o

At least the storm appears to be slightly weakening. Sliiiiiightly! I just hope that if it keeps weakening, like I imagine any sensible person would want, that we won’t be hearing complaints that the precautions taken were too aggressive!

How interesting about our castle’s sorting so far. I haven’t gotten my invite yet so I am soooooo curious now!! The more I think about it, the more I can see myself in any of the Houses. And I don’t think Slytherin is last on my list! ;)

Posted by Hufflebug on August 27, 2011, 05:06 PM report to moderator
1884 Points

My son-in-law and the grandsons came over today. He put my window in, put up the ceiling fan in Jennifer’s bedroom, and tried to get the drain to run faster. On the drain he didn’t get a whole lot done. He did pour the draino directly into the clean out place so it would by pass all the curves and go directly into the drain. I hope this works otherwise, I think I will have to replace some pipes under the house. OH, they were able to get the carpet outside and we cut the pieces needed for the bedrooms and brought them over. I am going to try to get the carpet laid in Jennifer’s bedroom before she gets here. For my bedroom, I will wait until after Jennifer gets moved in since I have to take everything out of the bedroom. I am not in a hurry to do my bedroom. Lol

Posted by Cool G on August 27, 2011, 06:26 PM report to moderator
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