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Favorite part of new Harry Potter trailer?

Posted by Melissa
May 03, 2011, 11:55 PM
The romantic good vs. evil swan dive
519 (15%)
The "mother" of all duels
1244 (36%)
The Knights of Hogwarts
515 (15%)
Dropped Dead Fred
588 (17%)
Something else!
531 (15%)
  3397 votes in total


1040 Points

LH what an incredible find! I’m amazed how quickly you were able to transcribe it all, too. I have no idea if any of my relatives diaries or anything of that nature survives. I know my mom has a messy box full of stuff she will likely never go through, but that’s the extent of it. That’s an incredible first-hand look into history and travel in those days. Have fun with your friend again today!

Won enjoy the show! Again! LOL

It’s almost noon here and the son’s best friend is coming over to play for the afternoon. I am done with email for now and prepared to actually get some work done. I have a write-a-thon later this week with my Everett group (where we all get together in our regular meeting room, have a quick lunch, then everyone breaks out their laptops or notepads and gets busy writing. It’s very motivating, as well as a fun way to get some work accomplished), so I need to get whatever I’m going to work on that day ready. I’m not really actively writing right now, per se, as I am still immersed in getting the notebooks all set up, but I’ll either take a small file of that stuff to work on or figure out a scene I can actually write.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday! :)

Posted by Headmistress LemonFaerie on September 04, 2011, 03:09 PM report to moderator
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Good evening!

I’ve had a truly delightful day stabbing myself repeatedly with a needle whilst sewing name tags into new school uniform. Well, I call it sewing, I’m not sure anyone else would agree! Still it’s done now. At least until the tags fall off. Daughter told me that she’s in the habit of writing her name in pen on the garment label if the tags don’t get replaced…………she could have told me that before I started “sewing!”
I think everything is now organised and ready for them to go back to school on Wednesday. I will be at work, so my DS will have to deal with any unexpected crises!
I bought daughter new school shoes yesterday……..£32 so**ing quid!!!!! She also got her hair cut, at a far more manageable £8.50, lol. She is very pleased with her new hair. She wanted a lot of the length off, so it now sits on her shoulders, but is still long enough to put up into a pony tail for school.
I thought the Back to School purchases wouldn’t be too painful this year, but I am shocked and horrified that it’s cost at least £150.

DS played in a big golf tournament today, and was delighted to come second!

I have been immersed in a new book at every opportunity I’ve had. It’s the 5th in a series about a lawyer called Matthew Shardlake, set during the reign of Henry the 8th. I waited to buy this one as a real book, rather than on the Kindle. I have the rest of the series, and wanted it to sit on the bookcase in physical form. I can highly recommend the series. It’s about a period of history in which I am very interested, and the research is wonderful, the author, (C J Sansom) really makes Tudor life real. The first book is called “Dissolution.”

Lemon, the writing group sounds like a really good way to motivate each other. I hope you have a productive afternoon. What is happening to your finished book?

Posted by asti on September 04, 2011, 04:06 PM report to moderator
1623 Points

Evening all!

Had a pretty good day today, which included stopping at three different Borders stores. :) I was babysitting, and my nephew and I went out for breakfast, then off on our book shopping spree. They’re now at 60-80% off, so we got some crazy prices, and I was surprised at how much was still left, although it was so depressing to see huge sections completely emptied out. None of them had much of a kids section left, so my nephew was a little disappointed, but we still managed to find him a few things. And I picked up several books from my Amazon wish list…including Delirium! I was pretty excited to spot it; as soon as I finish the book I’m reading now, I’ll get started. I’d hoped to also find A Discovery of Witches, but no luck. There are still two other stores in the area, so hopefully I’ll make it to them this week. Even though I do most of my book shopping on Amazon now, it really is sad to realize that there are basically going to be no bookstores in the area. There’s one Barnes & Noble and one independent shop, both in the same town about 20 miles away, but otherwise, we were an area pretty much dominated by Borders/Waldenbooks. :(

LH, that’s incredible! A story like that makes me want to write in my diary more. It’s probably been a few years since I last wrote an entry. But even stuff that seems mundane to me now might be interesting to my descendants some day. I sometimes think it would be pretty cool if I could go back through every page of these polls and copy all of my posts (at least the ones talking about myself, not necessarily the replies to people), since in a lot of ways they function like a diary. I actually do sometimes look back when I’m trying to remember something, and find my posts from around that time to job my memory.

Lemon, good luck with your writing group! It’s exciting to hear you talking about your work again! Getting back to the old routine. :)

Asti, I think I’ve finally figured it out, but I went through a few variations (including sorting, soaring, sobbing…) as I tried to figure out what you meant to say with “so**ing.” LOL!

Take some books off my wish list, add some new ones on; that’s always how the cycle goes, and I can never read fast enough to keep up with them all! Asti, I love stuff set in Tudor Endland, so I’ve added Dissolution to my wish list. ;) Maybe I’ll get lucky and spot it at one of the Borders I visit next. :)

Posted by Bookworm Jen on September 04, 2011, 06:54 PM report to moderator
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Morning all!

Happy Labor Day US-ians! Anyone doing anything fun today? Right now I’m laboring at work, lol, but my aunt’s having a cookout, so depending on what time I’m able to get out of here, I’ll probably stop by there.

Also, when I talked to my sister last night, she said she’s begun having contractions on and off, so it’ll definitely be any day now. She’s hoping she can hold off until the end of the week though because she wants to be home for the kids’ first days of school. The oldest starts first grade tomorrow, and the youngest is going to preschool Friday. He did preschool last year too, but this year they’ve moved the program to the other elementary school in town, so she’s supposed to attend an orientation on Thursday.

Posted by Bookworm Jen on September 05, 2011, 08:38 AM report to moderator
1884 Points

It is raining in Atlanta so the race may be delay or ran tomorrow. It is raining here off and on all day. I’m so glad we got everything that was sitting outside brought inside. Jennifer took her oldest daughter school shopping so they are not here right now. I passed on going with them. Lol Instead I took a nap. Both her daughters were here over the weekend. This morning I made pancakes and sausages and it seemed like old times. At least I know I have room for both families if they are here at the same time since both daughter’s families were here over the weekend. The only thing that’s different is we have the boyfriends here too. That is more like when the girls were growing up. Lol

Asti Too bad your daughter didn’t tell you sooner about the markers. Lol Congratulations on coming in second for your DS.

Won Hope the air show is as good on the second day as the first.

Lady Hawke That is so interesting about the diaries. It would be interesting for anyone to read but especially since it was your Great Grandmother or was it your grandmother?

I wrote this post yesterday. This morning I click on here and find it waiting for me unposted. Lol

Posted by Cool G on September 05, 2011, 08:40 AM report to moderator
1623 Points

Had to post that quickly because someone was coming in. I hadn’t expected anyone else to be here today because of the holiday; they’re all either off, or if they’re working, they’re out in the stores. It turned out to be the girl in the office next door who refused to move with the whole office-switch thing for the new girl, so I’m not exactly feeling warm-and-fuzzies toward her at the moment.

Anyway, what I hadn’t finished saying was that if my sister does call to say that she’s in full-blown labor, I’ll be heading out to go stay with my nephews. I’ve got a back packed and ready just in case, LOL.

Posted by Bookworm Jen on September 05, 2011, 08:49 AM report to moderator
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CoolG It is still raining in Atlanta, most of today. They post poned the race until Tuesday morning, the rain is not really leaving until Tuesday afternoon. They better hope it does. Seems like everytime there is a major race in Atlanta there is bad weather. Nascar took the second race from Atlanta, and with the delay this time the local economy is really hurting.

Posted by Mr Deanie on September 05, 2011, 09:14 AM report to moderator
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I am up early on my day off. Ugh!
The DS had to work but will be home early. =)

I have been trying to catch up but I am way back. :(
I have a ton of work that I brought home with me. Mostly scheduling corrections. We work all summer to place students based on reading scores only to find that not every child can be pegged based on that. Some need math challenges, some need basic math, others need to be on the first floor due to health issues. So all these moves are created, once the students are here present and actually breathing in a room. LOL! so all these scheduling changes are in a huge file for me to do on the computer.

Posted by Madame Minerva on September 05, 2011, 10:11 AM report to moderator
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I spent the weekend at a soccer tournament. It was so hot and humid on Saturday 98 degree with a heat index over 100. Sunday it was 68 and we were freezing. My husband took three of the teams he coaches. All three teams did superb. =) the DS is glowing. His U17 took first place. He has coached some of these girls since they were 8 years old. He usually gives the first place trophy to one of the girls for their contribution to the tournament. He picks a new one each time. Yesterday he chose one of our quiet but hard working defenders. She started crying and made us all cry. It was a very long but wonderful weekend.

Posted by Madame Minerva on September 05, 2011, 10:31 AM report to moderator
1623 Points

Sounds like a busy weekend, MM! Congrats to the soccer teams and your husband! Don’t do too much work from home today; take the time to enjoy a relaxing day before you head back into the craziness tomorrow. :)

Posted by Bookworm Jen on September 05, 2011, 12:10 PM report to moderator
1884 Points

Mr. Deanie I was wondering if the weather was as bad as they predicted yesterday. I hope they will be able to get the race in tomorrow. It’s rainey here too.

My company has left and I’m by myself. Jennifer had to go back to MO since she has court tomorrow for her divorce. She will be back Wednesday. I need to straighten up my food shelf and the freezer. I went from having hardly any food here to having my can goods and things in my freezer plus all the food Jennifer brought. Since we just put everything away without any order, I need to straighten up the can goods plus the stuff in my freezer so I will know how to find things.

MM Sound like you had a nice weekend. I remember when all I time was taken up with the kids sports. The only difference it was my kids and these are the ones your DS coaches.

Posted by Cool G on September 05, 2011, 01:07 PM report to moderator
80450 Points

Both air shows were super! The weather was perfection, and the crowd & attractions were all exemplary! I had the VIP treatment! Spent the entire day with my friend the Lt. Commander, (in uniform) & I was wearing my old flight jacket emblazoned with my unit & project patches, & pilot’s wings. Met the Blue Angels, & Fat Albert’s crew… Got the ‘close up’ look-see at some pretty cool hardware! Ate tons of doggies & burgers, & sloshed it all down with ice cold brew! All in all a very, very fine weekend! ;+D

Posted by Won_Two on September 05, 2011, 01:46 PM report to moderator
857 Points

Aloha! ;)

Just a quick pop-in. I am trying to just veg-out today, but I do need to do a ccouple of loads of laundry and pay bills. Darn Laundry Lion & normal survival bills! Le pout!

Posted by Deanie on September 05, 2011, 02:49 PM report to moderator
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Good evening!

I am a happy bunny. I had my first piano lesson today, after the summer break, and although my practise time has suffered a LOT, it was so good to have a lesson again. And my teacher has a new piano, which is just glorious. It has the most beautiful tone.

Jen, yay for buying books, and adding more to the list!
My very very best wishes to your sister for the birth.
And lol about puzzling over my post! I don’t often type rude words, but £32 for a pair of weeny weeny shoes warrants it!!

MM, I hope that work calms down for you soon. It must be a logistical nightmare, especially with such a huge number of students.
And congrats to the girls, and to you and your DS on their success!

Won, your weekend sounds wonderful. It’s so good to hear you had such a good time. After all the health problems you’ve been through, you really deserve it.

Posted by asti on September 05, 2011, 03:42 PM report to moderator
839 Points

Hey everyone!!
Sorry I’ve been AWOL all week. I was attacking my homework. (Yes, attacking it. It was very frustrating. Why does the American government have to be so ridiculously complicated???) On the up side, I’m done! I finished at 12:30 the morning. LOL And now I’m stress-free!! Just in time for school tomorrow. Yay… \-..-/ Please excuse my bitterness. It’s cloudy, a Monday, AND it’s Labor Day, which never fails to put me in a bad mood.

I’ll be lurking…

Posted by Hermione Weasley on September 05, 2011, 04:19 PM report to moderator
925 Points

Evening all! I have just lost a post:( I am happy to report that this evening I received my Pottermore welcome email, but unfortunately it has come at a very inconvenient time. Tomorrow I have a clinic visit followed by food shopping and the following day we are travelling down to Hereford for a get-together with ukulele friends at a prize-winning pub.

A close friend of ours has just suffered two strokes, the first affected the sight in his left eye and he was subsequently diagnosed as having glaucoma and lazer treatment was arranged for this week. On Sunday he was discovered in the morning on the bathroom floor in a collapsed state and was duly whisked off to hospital. The second stroke was at the base of the brain and the outlook doesn’t look promising.

I no longer have my hair long. My restricted arm movements meant that my hair was difficult to maintain in an untangled state so I now have shorter, neater hair but it will take some getting used to after ten years. I can’t really relate to the image in the mirror at the moment, lol.

Lady Hawke Great work on the diary. What a fascinating document to have.

Won_Two I am delighted to hear how much fun you had at the air show, it was totally deserved:)

Asti Oh those back-to-school tapes on new items, SO tedious:(

Hermione Weasley I hope that your day improves.

CoolG Make sure that Jennifer learns your filing system and honours it, there is nothing more irritating than to find that items have been mis-filed even when one has no special difficulties to cope with.

I need an early night and a peaceful sleep. My dream life has been pretty hectic of late. I’ll be back when I can.

Posted by Graymayne on September 05, 2011, 06:14 PM report to moderator
80450 Points

I see that there have been 2 confirmed tornados touched down in Atlanta! & one possibly in Fayette… Be safe DEANIE !!!

Posted by Won_Two on September 05, 2011, 07:27 PM report to moderator
25 Points

Won_Two I am envious of you adventure with the Blue Angels. When they closed NAAS Atlanta we lost them coming to town, and being a retired Navy person. I looked forward to them city and Looking real cool. The tornados stayed to the North and East of the city, and as we are South we had rain but no heavy winds.

Posted by Mr Deanie on September 05, 2011, 08:02 PM report to moderator
1040 Points

Afternoon, all!

We’re just back from seeing DH 2 again. It was my 9th time, I’m not sure how many for each of the other family members. LP might be up to 5 or 6 now. I cried and cried, I don’t think I’ll ever get over that with this film. It was worse today, I think, knowing that was probably my last time seeing it in theaters, though I would like to sneak out once more by myself to make it an even 10. We’ll see.

For the first time I did finally notice the ferret Albus has for his pet instead of an owl. The kids had mentioned that before, but I’ve always been so focused on him with Harry that I never paid much attention to the fur in the cage, LOL. I just assumed it was an owl or a cat and didn’t look further. Hogwarts must have changed the rules on appropriate animals, although I always did wonder how Ron got away with a rat when they weren’t on the list.

Won what a fabulous day at the air show! You really got the royal treatment, how fun.

CoolG I hope everything calms down now that she’s “in” and nearly settled. Good luck with it all!

I sympathize with you fully over all the school prep, Asti, and the cost of the supplies, shoes and clothes. I can’t even bring myself to add up what we’ve spent. I just shelled out another $150 last week to get the son all registered at school, buy his PE clothes, planner, ASB card (which they have to have to play sports – he’s doing track in the spring), school photos, yearbook, etc., then another $30 for non-marking-soled tennis shoes for gym. sigh And that’s only a small chunk!

Thank you all for the writing support! As always, I so appreciate it. It does feel really good to be getting back into it all again after almost a complete year off, really, with just minor things done during that time. I so want to get these notebooks done so I can get back to real writing, but I have to remind myself not to rush. It will defeat the purpose of them to barrel through without giving each item the proper time and thought necessary.

The book I technically finished last year is languishing for now. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to it or not, it will need a LOT of revising to make it anything worth sending out. We’ll see. Now that I’ve decided to truly focus on this series I don’t want to confuse things by digging through that mess, LOL. There is something to be said for first novels staying at the bottom of very deep drawers. Sometimes that is the only place they belong!

MM try to still get some relaxation in there for yourself! That’s so sweet about the soccer trophy. That’s a memory she’ll cherish forever.

Jen good luck to your sister and the new baby! I was chuckling a bit over her wanting to wait until everything is “done” before going into full blown labor, making sure she’s there for the other kids to start school. That’s so sweet, and such a “mom” thing to be worrying about right now, LOL. I hope the new little one will accommodate her wishes. :)

Stay safe through the nasty weather, Deanie & Mr. Deanie!

HermoineWeasley good for you for getting your work done!

I’m sorry to hear about your friend, Graymayne, I hope his condition improves much more than they think it’s likely to. And I hope you love your new hairstyle once you get used to it. Going from long to short(er) is really an adjustment! I think I like mine now, just in time for the straightening treatment to be wearing off. Everyone but my DS seems to like it straight better than curly, and I admit I did finally come to like it. Which is a problem, because the expense and upkeep of maintaining it that way is prohibitive. sigh

We’re BBQing for Labor Day, which is to say the DS is BBQing and I’m playing online. :) Just the way I like it! Happy Labor Day to all our US peeps, and enjoy the rest of your days/evenings, everyone!

Posted by Headmistress LemonFaerie on September 05, 2011, 10:52 PM report to moderator
857 Points

We did lose power for about 10 seconds tonight. It was just long enough to turn off the computer and louse up our horrid cable system. ;)

I still need to finish off one load of laundry, but I’m as ready as I will ever be for work tomorrow. Yuck! ;)

No Pottermore email for me yet. ;)

Off to get that laundry finished. Le sigh! ;)

Posted by Deanie on September 05, 2011, 11:10 PM report to moderator
245 Points

Elder Wand, Dragon Core, 13 Inch, Hard


Posted by Lady Hawke on September 05, 2011, 11:51 PM report to moderator
245 Points

LITTLE HAWKE got a Holly Wand, Dragon Core, 12 1/2 inches, surprisingly swishy


My DS is comfortable with me being in SLYTHERIN. He thinks in my theatre past before there was a child and sick parents that I was quite “edgy”. I have just about forgotten I was ever edgy or how to be edgy. I have been too busy being loyal and diligent.

I don’t know.

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 06, 2011, 01:19 AM report to moderator
925 Points

Morning all! I have been onto Pottermore and confined myself to the first chapter coverage. At this stage I am not overwhelmed by the experience but at least I have learned not to be secretive about my username because you can “friend” your friends for which you need to know their username. Fortunately I have documented the ones that have appeared on here, and for your records my username is PhoenixDragon38. Be careful not to put a space between the number and the name or it will be rejected.

Back to getting ready for my Physio Clinic. This will be my last visit because I have made little progress so I am being passed down the chain to the next stage:(

Posted by Graymayne on September 06, 2011, 06:23 AM report to moderator
1040 Points

LH I’m truly speechless. This just goes to show how NOT valid this Sorting is, IMO. {{{{HUGS}}}}

Graymayne thanks for the friend request, I’ve accepted! I hope you enjoy the experience. :) Good luck at your visit!

No spoilers, but: I have officially finished the first book on Pottermore as of this evening. I hadn’t been back since my ill-fated Sorting, but tonight was the night. Dueling has been temporarily disabled so there’s no way to go in and gain serious House points, but other than that I think everything is working. I am somehow missing one chocolate frog card and have no idea where I’ve missed it. I even clicked back through everything after I was done – no luck. I’ll have to compare notes with someone else who has them all eventually.

I believe I have sent friend requests to everyone whose user name I had, though I know I’m missing a couple. I’ll double check the lists later. BTW, for anyone who hasn’t realized this yet, there is a capability to give each user name in your “friends” list a nickname to help make it easier to identify who is who. I haven’t done that yet, but I will. It’s too hard to keep these very anonymous user names straight, I can barely remember my own!

Off to bed! See you all later today. :)

Posted by Headmistress LemonFaerie on September 06, 2011, 06:53 AM report to moderator
1623 Points

Morning all!

Just a very quick hello while my trainee is off working with someone else for a few minutes.

No new news on my sister; contractions are still just on and off, not consistent or time-able yet. My oldest nephew started first grade today, so she at least got to be there for that. He cried going in because he was so nervous. Poor thing, inheriting all of my family’s anxiety issues. :/ However, I am so proud and happy I could burst…the kids were asked to bring in their favorite book, and he decided to bring HP! My sister was trying to talk him out of it because we haven’t even finished (just got up to the Sorting the other day, which is another story that I’ll save for when I have time) and she thought the teacher might have wanted more of a kids book, but I told her that it is technically a kids book, and if they’re just going to be asked to talk about it, he’s certainly already got stuff to say – he’s been retaining an incredible amount of detail

Posted by Bookworm Jen on September 06, 2011, 10:23 AM report to moderator
1623 Points

I’m back…had to post in the middle of typing a sentence because my girl was coming back. She’s off with someone again, so I’ll just finish up. I was just going to say that my nephew’s been retaining a lot of details, which I’ve been pretty surprised by. With some of the stuff, I think it’s because he asks questions as we’re reading, so we pause to talk about it, but there’s other stuff that I just read right over, not even thinking about it and then next time he’ll suddenly quote a line to me. I’ve been amazed. I told my sister to have him call me when he gets home today so I can hear how it went and whether he had to talk about the book to the class. My only fear is that some other kid who’s already read it will spoil something for him.

I really hope I’ll be able to move to my new office today. Even though I’m not completely looking forward to the new space, at least it will be my space. I just want to be able to get back to doing my own thing!

Posted by Bookworm Jen on September 06, 2011, 11:07 AM report to moderator
1884 Points

Morning All

Lady Hawke How do you feel about being sorted into Slytherin? All I can say is if you were sorted into Slytherin then I will probably be also. That is if I ever receive my email. I figured you would be put into Ravenclaw.

Now I want to see where Graymayne will be sorted into.

I have spent the morning paying bills. I had to go to the insurance office because I wanted to make changes. After I got back, I realized I hadn’t called in my medicine so that means another trip out later. So much for getting everything done in one trip. Right now I am watching the race that was postponed in Atlanta.

It is cool here today. It still looks cloudy but isn’t raining yet.

Jen I hope your newphew doesn’t get spoiled either since you are taking your time reading the book. Good luck with the office switch.

Posted by Cool G on September 06, 2011, 12:41 PM report to moderator
857 Points

Jen With luck, since the first book was originally rated for children at the 9 to 12 age range, none of the others have parents that think they can handle it. ;)

Besides, the sorting is a bit over half way through. Jo crammed an awful lot into each of the remaining chapters. Perhaps none of the other kids has a relative who is as involved as you are, and willing to discct te book with them. ;)

I do not feel well today. I have not slept well or deeply all weekend. And I’m running a low-grade fever. So, of course, when i walked in my PH was going through everything on my desk and re-sorting it all so that i do not know what is where! ;)

This, too, shall pass! ;)

One of us will retire eventually. That’s sometimes all that keeps me going. ;)

Off to find myself! ;)

Posted by Deanie on September 06, 2011, 01:00 PM report to moderator
1884 Points

Deanie Why is she going thru things on your desk? Isn’t that an invasion of your space?

Posted by Cool G on September 06, 2011, 01:24 PM report to moderator
245 Points

COOLG, I think DEANIE’S PH is for lack of a better description, her “supervisor” or is supposed to be “teaching” her the new job. Unfortunately, she is more of a hinderance to DEANIE who is certainly capable of figuring out how to do things and how she feels comfortable doing them herself. This person seems to believe her roll is to “micromanage” DEANIE’S personal space so she can do the job “right” instead of just getting out of her way and letting her set herself up so she is comfortable. GRRRR!!!! Did I get that right, DEANIE?

COOLG, I’m not quite sure how I hit Slytherin. I’m not ambitious. I don’t think I have a particle of “greatness” in me. I mostly just go from day to day trying to make ends meet and survive. I don’t have any of the positive qualities of a Slytherin and I hope not the negatives. I do the genealogy stuff so maybe that makes me and elitist but I never made that the screening process for choosing my friends.

I do know why I probably was Sorted that way and it is very superficial. It is more a matter of my personal tastes. Back in my single days, my theatre days, I tended to more “dangerous” clothing than the average person. I did not look like I came out of a cookie cutter. I tended to be cinched in with corsets and garter belts under my clothes. No one ever saw them but I knew they were there. I have worn lingerie like a slinky silk nightgown as a dance dress. I was ballroom dancing then. You know how some of that stuff looks. I had hair that was short in the back and cut down over my left eye and I looked through it.

BUT underneathe all that I was always dutiful and responsible and probably wished I didn’t have to be. So, the only rebellious part of me was the most superficial part.

So, when I was asked what item I wanted from that trunk I wanted the silver dagger. I always wanted a sword. I took a fencing for the stage class while I was pregnant.

The test was asking my preferences. I still have preferences but I have never bought in on how my preferences might suggest I would behave.

Now, I wear poor old dull mommy clothes with nothing special about any of me.

So, my Slytherinishness would be only the most superficial outside shell of how I once presented myself.

I would have thought that how I actually conduct myself would have been more important.

Now, I am aware how Slytherins are perceived and that would be okay if lived that way but I live as a Hufflepuff and wish I could live like a Ravenclaw. Doing any more than pretending to be a Slytherin would have always been too dangerous for me.

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 06, 2011, 02:28 PM report to moderator
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