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Favorite part of new Harry Potter trailer?

Posted by Melissa
May 03, 2011, 11:55 PM
The romantic good vs. evil swan dive
519 (15%)
The "mother" of all duels
1244 (36%)
The Knights of Hogwarts
515 (15%)
Dropped Dead Fred
588 (17%)
Something else!
531 (15%)
  3397 votes in total


857 Points

Aloha! ;)

I did not check my email last night, so I don’t know that I have nothing from Pottermore, but I strongly suspect that I don’t. ;)

I wish our new Commissioner (boss) wouuld surprise us by closing the offices early today. I doubt it will happen, but I can hope. ;)

Now that have resolved the biggest problem that was waiting for me this morning, I’m off to try and clear off a bit more of my desk. ;)

Posted by Deanie on September 02, 2011, 12:05 PM report to moderator
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I’ve put some rutabagas, red potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage and chunks of polish sausage in a roasting pan. I also have a pork loin cooking and six cobs of fresh corns wrapped in foil and roasting. So, I have food for the weekend.

I have laundry going.

Otherwise I’ve had a quiet sort of day.

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 02, 2011, 02:46 PM report to moderator
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Lady Hawke It’s only 6.5 hours! Maybe we’ll come for dinner. jk ;)

Lady Hawke, I am sure you have explained before, but why does Sir Hawke refer to you by a different first name than the one you have given at Y? It’s confusing my DS, but only a little. ;)

You need a few quiet sort of days! Enjoy it. ;)

Posted by Deanie on September 02, 2011, 02:52 PM report to moderator
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The Insider said they were sending more emails a little over an hour ago. NOTHING :-(

There are three of us in this house waiting for an email. How can none of us have received one at this point?

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 02, 2011, 02:57 PM report to moderator
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DEANIE, the first time my DS met my parents he heard my father calling me the other name, my middle name. When I was a child my father would call me by my middle name when he wanted my attention but over the years he just would call me that habitually. He still would use my first name when talking about me to someone else but would use my middle name when talking to me. So, my DS heard my father calling me by my middle name and he liked it. So, he and my father are the only people who use my middle name.

So, I countered. My DS’s family uses the nickname associated with his first name. I decided since I don’t like nicknames, especially that one, that I would use the full name.

So, now we sound really pompous, especially with my daughter’s name added in with it.You know my daughter’s name is that of some European royalty and a Russian Czarina. Her friend from down the street who sometimes goes out with us has the name of a Russian Empress. A little boy friend of hers has the name of a Russian Czar. Another little boy friend has her name in the male form. So, we sound very, very elitist.

My mother’s only surviving brother has the same name as my DS and uses the full version. So, my mother and I do the “Your X” and “My X” when talking about the two men.

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 02, 2011, 03:09 PM report to moderator
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I have a 45 year old friend whose Facebook update this morning was, “I am at 12 weeks and I’m craving Skittles.”

Can anyone think of another rational explanation for that post other than pregnancy…at 45?

Her oldest child is 10 and she went for five years after he was born trying to get pregnant and it didn’t happen so she gave up and had a surprise at 40. Let me say she was more than a little shocked.

Her surprises are terrifying to me.

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 02, 2011, 03:12 PM report to moderator
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She also lost her job several months ago and her DS is a bartender. They used to depend on her insurance.

I’m worried about her. She has a mother with MS and her father is long dead.

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 02, 2011, 03:33 PM report to moderator
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Good evening!

Today is my husband’s birthday. We are going out for a meal tomorrow. We cannot celebrate tonight, as England are playing football and that is much more important. I did manage to squeeze a birthday cake into half time. Hummppphhhhhh.

Jen, congratulations on getting into Ravenclaw! I loved your post about the page going down, lol!

Lady Hawke, thankyou for the recommendation. I looked it up on Amazon, and it sounds charming. Unfortunataly it’s not on Kindle and is only available as a real book as a large print edition. I will have a look on ebay to see if I can find a second hand copy.

It seems a very long time since anyone got a Pottermore email.

Posted by asti on September 02, 2011, 03:54 PM report to moderator
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Happy Birthday to Mr Asti!!! ;)

Asti I have always preferred going out on Satrday instead of Friday. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that high school (American) football games are on Firday and after the games, you cannot get into a restaurant without a bunch of teens clogging it up. And the noise they can make if their team actually won! Not conducive to relaxation and certainly not to romance. Or even civilized conversation. ;)

Just under an hour to hometime. ;)

Posted by Deanie on September 02, 2011, 04:45 PM report to moderator
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Happy Birthday, MR. ASTI! Was it really a year ago you gave him the silver set?

ASTI, do look for a second hand copy of the books. I think your mother would enjoy them too. The second series starts with a setting just a few miles from here. The little priest in NC was born and raised in one of Memphis’s bedroom communities in Mississippi. He comes home Mississippi to come to terms with his roots and also spends some time in Memphis. The second book in the second series is him tracing his ancestry in Ireland.

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 02, 2011, 05:00 PM report to moderator
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ASTI, that is strange. You can order it on Kindle over here. Did you go to the Kindle Store to look for it or did you just look for it under books? I found it in the Kindle store.

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 02, 2011, 05:06 PM report to moderator
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Asti: Best wishes to your husband on his Birthday.

Great geek line: "He thinks “Das Boot” is a German movie about computers".
Well I think it is funny.

Posted by ironsos on September 02, 2011, 05:48 PM report to moderator
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Asti Please wish your DS a happy birthday from both of us:)

Ironsos I had to check out Wikipedia before I could see the whole point of the joke, being deeply ignorant about German cinema. It is funny.

No email:(

September here doesn’t sound very encouraging with regard to weather.

Posted by Graymayne on September 02, 2011, 07:09 PM report to moderator
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Posted by Won_Two on September 02, 2011, 07:50 PM report to moderator
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Jen I’m glad I was not drinking anything when I read your post, I would have snorted it right out through my nose, LOL. Sorry it made you so frustrated (I understand!) and I’m so happy you got the House of your choice! If nothing else, I am comforted knowing I have you and Asti to hang out with in the same common room. I am confident several more of our number will wind up there as well, if their freaking Pottermore emails EVER show up! I am as impatient as they all are, stuck waiting. I hope it’s soon.

Happy birthday to Mr.Asti!! I hope it’s delightful, despite the interference of football. :)

Ironsos that is a funny line!

It’s been fairly quiet here today. I have accomplished exactly nothing, though I somehow have still been busy. I don’t understand how that happens, LOL. I’m off to try to accomplish something now, though, before everyone gets home and we head out for our traditional Friday night dinner: Round Table pizza. It sounds extraordinarily good to me right now!


Posted by Headmistress LemonFaerie on September 02, 2011, 08:57 PM report to moderator
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A very happy birthday to asti’s hubby!


Posted by Josephine on September 02, 2011, 10:01 PM report to moderator
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Morning all!

It’s good to be back to normal at work, even if only for today and Monday while I’m here alone. Unfortunately, next week there’ll be big changes. This new girl I’m training was supposed to be taking the office next to me, so she and I would be side-by-side, with the other two guys who do reporting directly accross from us. But the girl who is currently in that office next door (who isn’t even part of the same department as the rest of us), objected to being moved. So, management said, “Well, I guess Jen and Brittney can just share an office,” but that seemed silly to me. It would be one thing if there weren’t an empty office a couple of rooms down, but there is…and I’d really rather have my own space. So I said I would just move. The new girl said she would just take the other office, feeling bad for displacing me, but it is a lot smaller than my current one, and noisier because it’s – get this: under the stairs! Seems appropriate for me, LOL, and since I’m the one who’s going to be eventually leaving (hopefully within the next year), it makes more sense to let her get settled here and to be closer to the rest of the department. But it’ll be an adjustment. I’ll be much more visable over there, so I’m going to have to figure out if there’s a way to angle my desk to block my screen so I can still visit here. If not, I’m going to have some very long days; these past couple of weeks with not being able to come online have made work so much less bearable!

I finally finished my school project last night and sent it off to my partner to be printed and turned in. So, it’ll still be slightly in the back of my mind until I know it’s in the professor’s hands, but at least it’s pretty much done. My first assignments for my fall class are due next Saturday, so I really don’t end up with much of a summer. My books aren’t estimated to arrive until Weds though, so I can hopefully relax for the next few days without feeling guilty. In addition to reading and watching more Buffy and Angel, I’ll try to take some time to finally post my LeakyCon pics and report. :)

I’ll be back in a bit to at least skim through the past couple of pages.

Posted by Bookworm Jen on September 03, 2011, 08:43 AM report to moderator
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No email for me either. I thought since I didn’t check me email yesterday I might have a surprise but no such luck.

Jennifer got here about 1 AM Friday morning. So naturally we didn’t get to sleep before 3 AM. Yesterday we went to the grocery store and then the rest of the evening was taken up with unloading part of the trucks. Now they have left to unload the rest at the storage building. So far what she unloaded here is managable but she doesn’t have most of her clothes here yet. They were in the back of the truck which they couldn’t get to. That will be the question of where we will put all her clothes. I’m sure she didn’t take time to go thru her clothes so we will see.

Harley Dog and his Pup Marley got into a dog fight. Marley’s ear was bit so of course it bled everywhere. Although we have wrapped it up several times according to the vet’s instructions, He has managed to get the bandages off and he’s still bleeding. The vet said his shaking his head is what is preventing it from clotting. This morning they told us to put flour on it, then wrap it up again. Needless to say, my front porch looks like a murder scene because of the blood droppings. I knew if they ever got together, there would be a dog fight. Usually if this happens, neither one is really hurt but because his ear will not clot, this is troubling. We didn’t get Marley’s cage set up yet so it’s a chore to keep them seperated. I would feel bad but I tried to get her to find Marley a home since two adult male dogs do not get along. I can understand why she didn;t want to get rid of him but I knew there would be problems. I hope by winter time they will be use to each other again so Marley can stay downstairs when it gets cold. Oh well, I guess we will figure something out.

Bridget and Harley get along just fine so no troubles there. The kids are gone now to unload the rest of the truck into the storage building. There was a lot of things that Jennifer could have got rid of instead of bringing but if she wants to pay to store them, I guess that’s her business. We noticed that the clock was not working on her electric stove. Then I realized I did not have the breaker turned on for the stove. Lol

Posted by Cool G on September 03, 2011, 10:21 AM report to moderator
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COOLG, why are you using the electric stove and not the gas one? If you lose your power you could still cook on your gas one. If I had a functional gas stove already set up, connected and working I would keep that one.

Glad your daughter made it in okay. It certainly did take her a long time to arrive. It is too bad about the dogs not getting along. I understand why she wouldn’t want to give hers up but she is moving in with you and Harley so if anyone budges it really has to be hers.

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 03, 2011, 11:12 AM report to moderator
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Okay, just skimmed through, so I feel marginally caught up. I’ve finally been able to let go of my need to read all posts before letting myself continue on and begin posting. ;)

Ava, right now The Bermudez Triangle is my favorite of Maureen Johnson’s books. It’s about three girls who have been inseparable since they were kids. The summer before their senior year, while one of them is away, the other two start dating each other, and initially keep it a secret from the third girl. I love the way the all of the relationships are written and how each of the girls is fleshed out as they try to figure out who they are and what they really want. Indirectly, the book was one of the factors that helped me decide to go ahead with library school. Maureen had posted a video about how there were a couple of moms in Florida trying to get the book banned. It was my first experience hearing people trying to get a book other than Harry Potter removed from a library. With HP, it was usually easy to laugh off the people like Laura Mallory who want it out because of “witchcraft” because it seems so ridiculous to me, but with The Bermudez Triangle, I saw how people can take things totally out of context. Aside from the fact that the book portrays a gay couple, one of the passages the woman objected to was something where one of the characters refers to the fact that students go on hay rides at some school event so they can go off and have sex. I forget exactly what it was, but basically, the character describing it was doing so as an explanation of why she did not want to go to the event. But the women just saw those couple of lines and were arguing that the book promotes orgies and promiscuous behavior, and all manner of evil, without even taking the time to see what really happens in the book. I was so furious reading the articles and seeing the videos of these women talking that I knew I wanted to be able to stand up to people like that. It wasn’t the only reason, but it definitely played into my decision when I was waffling. I told Maureen about it and thanked her when I met her at LeakyCon, and she gave me a big hug. :) Having said all of that, though, based on everything I’m hearing, I do think her newest one, The Name of the Star, which comes out at the end of the month (same day as Stephanie Perkins’s Lola – don’t know how I’ll decide which to read first!) stands a chance at becoming a new fav; everyone who’s read advanced copies have raved about it.

Posted by Bookworm Jen on September 03, 2011, 11:17 AM report to moderator
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JEN, good to have you back if only for a few days. I hate that other than today I’ll be missing a lot. My friend who went to Orlando with us is arriving in town tonight. So, I’ll be spending most of the next two days with her while my DS studies.

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 03, 2011, 12:04 PM report to moderator
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Got a BIG Air Show going on at the Pax River NAS all this weekend… Celebrating the 100th year anniversary of US Naval Aviation… Got the Blue Angels, and WWII war birds… & all sorts of military aviation & parachute “stuff” It is flat awesome.. and all 100% free! Best show in town hands down! :+D

Posted by Won_Two on September 03, 2011, 01:56 PM report to moderator
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Good evening, and thankyou for all the birthday wishes for my DS.

We are just back from a wonderful meal in our local Italian. Daughter especially really enjoyed it……there is something very grown up about having dinner in a restaurant. And the chocolate fudge cake with ice cream and chocolate sauce that we shared for dessert was awesome!
We also demonstrated how to be irresponsible with limoncello. Yum.

Won, enjoy your airshow, I hope they all stay safe. The one I was talking about is also free…………it’s quite something, isnt it!

Jen, did you catch my post about the YA book, Delirium?

Lady Hawke, yes, I searched the Kindle store for it……… luck. There are copies on ebay, so I will order one of them. I hope you have a great weekend with your friend.

Posted by asti on September 03, 2011, 04:14 PM report to moderator
1623 Points

Have fun with your friend, LH, and have fun at the Air Show, Won!

Asti, yes, I did see your post about Delirium; I’ve added it to my Amazon wish list. :) The author’s other book, Before I Fall had been recommended to me before, but based on your recommendation, I’ll definitely try Delirium first! :)

Posted by Bookworm Jen on September 03, 2011, 08:01 PM report to moderator
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Evening all! Tonight I suggested that my DS watched Remember Me with me. I found the subtitles very helpful because I couldn’t follow some of the dialogue in the film when I saw it in the cinema because it was gabbled. I’m going to wait for him to comment on the film in his own good time. It is one that really makes you think.

Asti Yay for having wonderful meals with the family:)

Won I hope the weather stays fine for the air show.

Off to bed.

Posted by Graymayne on September 03, 2011, 08:04 PM report to moderator
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I am tired but we have finally got Jennifer moved in. Her dog pen is up and Marley is in it so no more dog fights for awhile. We will be putting up a fense across the back where his cage is so he will have a large area to run in but that will be for another day. I don’t know how we did it but we got her things in and most put away. The trucks are turned in and she had enough room in her storage building for her other things. They are gone for a pizza now because no one felt like cooking.

Lady Hawke We are using her electric stove because I had my gas tank taken out when I thought I wasn’t coming back here to live. I do have two 100 Lb tanks that I could have used to cook with but they are so heavy I would have to have help everytime I needed them filled. As it is , I will be using them for the fireplace in case the electric goes out. I can always use my grill to cook with if I have no electric. I use to use it during the winter to cook our steaks on so I am use to cooking on it.

Posted by Cool G on September 03, 2011, 09:48 PM report to moderator
1040 Points

Evening, all! This has been a lazy day here, unlike most of yours! We did get out to the mall to pick up shoes for LD and LC while LP picked up job applications, then ran to the store to get stuff for dinner. The DS is making enchiladas. Yay! I just finished up answering emails for the day and finally got a response back from the gal doing my custom business cards. They are pretty much done, I just needed a minor change, and they look AWESOME. Well worth the wait and hopefully now they will be ready in time for my local conference at the end of October. I’ll forward the images to cc so anyone who is interested can check them out.

CoolG I’m exhausted for you, just reading about all the moving and everything! I’m glad (and amazed) you guys were able to get most all of it in and put away. That’s quite impressive! And I hope the solution for the dogs will indeed prevent any more fights, that’s scary.

Hope you’re having fun with your friend, LH! Tell her hi for me. :)

Jen YAY for getting the project done! What a relief! Now you can start the new semester fresh and feel good knowing that’s all behind you. I hope the office change works out, I can imagine that will be a pain to adjust to. I did get a smile out of imagining you in a cupboard under the stairs, though. ;)

Won I hope you enjoyed the air show and it’s tragedy-free. Those pilots are so amazing, but I always watch with my heart in my mouth and one hand over my eyes.

Asti oooh, sounds like a yummy Italian feast. :) I think we’re doing raviolis and garlic bread here tomorrow night, that’s a big family favorite.

The DS and I are going to go see Planet of the Apes finally tonight, I’m looking forward to that. Hope you all have a great night!


Posted by Headmistress LemonFaerie on September 03, 2011, 11:46 PM report to moderator
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Yesterday before we went out to celebrate my MIL’s birthday I spent most of the day doing transcription. My mother found the dairy my great grandmother kept when she went to Europe as a Gold Star Mother in 1933. She left home on a train and visited in NYC for a couple of days and saw movies, vaudeville shows, and went to restaurants and sight seeing before heading to Europe. She was gone for over a month and in those days they came and went on ship. So,she mentions the dinners, dancing and movies they saw on the ships. It seems they served the passengers boullion and crackers at 11 AM every day. Even though she crossed it July and August it seems it was quite cold out on the open ocean.

They went to Paris on a train, passing through the French countryside and toured Paris and the surrounding area. After Paris they headed back to London and crossed the English Channel on a stormy day. Even though this is 1933 she mentions talk of Hitler. It was early on but he had already risen to power enough for her to be aware of him and mention him. It seems she heard him denounced in a sermon given to the group by a Rabbi from NYC while in London.

She mentions missing the birthdays of people back home and received letters and newspapers from home while in Paris and London. I don’t think your mail would catch up with you today.

She wrote 23 pages and I got through the first 20 yesterday. I intend to finish the last three pages before I head out with my friend today.

My mother also found the WWI diaries of my great uncle, the son of my great grandmother who wrote the above diary when she went to visit his grave in Brookwood Cemetery in England. I have seen them years ago but did not know what happened to them. I remember he wrote very, very small and crammed as much as he could fit onto a page, conserving paper. Those will not be easy to transcribe at all.

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 04, 2011, 09:34 AM report to moderator
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Finished the trip diary. With the exception of some of the proper names, particularly those of French towns passed in route to Paris I was surprised at my luck in reading my great grandmother’s script.

Posted by Lady Hawke on September 04, 2011, 12:24 PM report to moderator
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The Air Show was phenomenal! I am going back for more today… Gonna have to TIVO the NASCAR race… Cheers!

Posted by Won_Two on September 04, 2011, 12:46 PM report to moderator
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