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Dumbledore vs. Gandalf (of 'Lord of the Rings'):

Posted by Melissa
May 30, 2006, 10:51 PM
Psh. Gandalf's a demigod. Beat that with a big white stick.
1077 (9%)
Pah. Dumbledore's human and STILL kicks it, which makes him cooler.
3016 (26%)
Right. Gandalf conqured the Balrog.
245 (2%)
Whatev. Dumbledore conquered Dawlish. (Alright, alright: Grindelwald too.)
839 (7%)
Oh, please. Gandalf's older than Y2K.
90 (0%)
So? Dumbledore's older than my grandma's muumuu.
130 (1%)
Gandalf: Came back from the dead (looking fabulous) and THEN survived the big battle
1172 (10%)
Dumbledore: Um... not so much. He rocks purple robes, though.
628 (5%)
I cannot possibly choose one of these answers.
4110 (36%)
  11307 votes in total


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