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Wizard Currency Symbol Contest

In a continuing effort to bring you contests based on your interests, the Contest Crew has picked this month's contest from among your suggestions. This contest was based on a submission to our Brainstorming for Ideas thread made by paint it Black. A handmade wand from Wizard Wood Wands is awarded for any idea we use from the thread.

Did you know the dollar sign, $, was used to represent the mexican peso long before the U.S. adopted it and was derived from the spanish real. The Real de a Ocho, or “pieces of eight,” bore the Pillars of Hercules entwined in the shape of an S by a ribbon bearing the motto “Plus Ultra” as part of the Spanish coat of arms. The ribbon and pillars evolved into the symbol we recognize today (1). Did you know the symbol for the British pound sterling, £, is based on the the Latin word for scale by way of the Roman word librum which was the basic Roman unit of weight? The pound sterling was so named because it was the value of one Tower Weight of pure silver (2).

How do you suppose the Galleon got its name? Or better yet what symbols do you suppose the wizarding world uses to represent it? Well here is your chance to show us. Your task for this month’s contest is to design the currency symbols representing each of the three denominations of wizard money, the Galleon, Sickle, and Knut, and tell us about their backstory. We’re looking for the graphic symbols that are immediately recognizable by any wizard or goblin around the world as British wizards’ currency.

General Rules:
  • Anyone 13 years of age and over may enter the contest, including staff members who are not involved in the judging process.
  • One entry per person.
  • All submissions must be the original work of the contestant. Any entries found to contain the work of another artist will be disqualified.
  • All entries must meet PG-13 standards of decency and good taste.
  • All decisions by the judges are final.
  • The first place winner will receive a handcrafted wand donated by Wizard Wood Wands (changes monthly) and 200 MyLeaky points. Second, third, and honorable mention(s) will receive 150, 100, and 50 MyLeaky points respectively.
  • Please refer to our FAQ if you are not sure of something.
  • If you have any questions not answered on the FAQ, or would like to discuss this Contest, please come to the Contest Corner Forum of The Leaky Lounge.

Contest Rules:
  • Design and illustrate the three symbols that represent the three denominations of wizard’s currency, the Galleon, the Sickle, and the Knut, and write a short description of the basis or history of the symbols.
  • The description should not exceed 150 words total. This is just a short description of the symbols’ origins and is required for this contest.
  • You may use any medium you wish to create your illustration, for example, hand drawn, 3D representations, digital artwork, or other.
  • Please include the name you would like to have appear with your designs (real name or Leaky Lounge name).
  • Please copy-paste your description into the body of your e-mail with your name and please submit one image file (.jpg, .png, or .gif) with all symbols included. Unless you have no technical ability to accomplish this, then you may submit 3 individual files, but one file is highly preferred. If you are submitting one file, please keep the file size to no more than 2MB. If you are submitting 3 individual files, please keep the total file size to no more than 2MB.
  • All submissions must be e-mailed to by 11:59 pm (EDT) on Halloween, October 31st, with “Wizard Currency" in the subject line of the e-mail.

Special thanks to paint it Black for suggesting this contest idea!


UPDATE: The winners have been picked! To view the winning entries, please click on the winner's name.

First Place: Arithmanceer

Second Place: MalfoyDiva

Third Place: Johanna

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