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Borgin and Burkes Magical Item Contest

Curses and jinxes and dark objects, OH MY!

Something wicked this way comes, and it’s designed by you! For July’s contest, we are asking you to design and illustrate an original object that might be found in Borgin and Burkes. It must be an object we have never seen before (i.e., not from the books or from interviews, etc) and must be of a magical nature. It can be a dark object (like the Hand of Glory) or a powerful magical item (such as Hufflepuff’s cup). The judges will not be looking for great artistic skill, just clarity so we can see what you have described.

Contest Rules
  • Design and illustrate (you may use any medium: hand drawn, 3D, digital) a magical item you would expect to find in Borgin and Burkes and write a short description of its appearance and properties.
  • The description should not exceed 150 words. This is just a short description of the item and what it does, not a story or an advertisement. (However, a bullet list would be acceptable instead of a description, if you choose.)
  • Anyone 13 years of age and over may enter the contest, including staff members who are not involved in the judging process.
  • One entry per person.
  • All submissions must be the original work of the contestant. Any entries found to contain the work of another artist will be disqualified.
  • All entries must meet PG-13 standards of decency and good taste.
  • Please include the name you would like to have appear with your illustration (real name or Leaky Lounge name).
  • Please copy-paste the description (please remember to name your object!) into the body of your e-mail with your name and you may submit up to two photos.
  • Photographs may be from digital cameras or scanned "paper" photos, but they must be submitted by email, in .jpg, .png, or .gif format. Paper photos are to be 4" x 6" or 6" x 4" and digital photos of approximately the same length and width. File sizes no larger than 1 MB, please. 2 MB total if you submit two photos.
  • All submissions must be e-mailed to by 11:59 pm (EDT) on July 31st, with "Borgin and Burkes" in the subject line of the e-mail.
  • All decisions by the judges are final.
  • The first place winner will receive a handcrafted wand donated by Wizard Wood Wands (changes monthly) and 200 MyLeaky points.
  • Please refer to our FAQ if you are not sure of something.
  • If you have any questions not answered on the FAQ, or would like to discuss this Contest, please come to the Contest Corner Forum of The Leaky Lounge.

UPDATE: The winners have been picked and are below for your enjoyment. An illustration accompanies each description.

First place: Gloves of the Unarmed by Niceman

Gloves of the Unarmed illustration

These gloves carry a glamour on them to match the style of dress and situation, ranging in style from nondescript and common to elegant and ornate. More importantly these gloves have a dissolusionment charm on them so a small item picked up and held will be rendered invisible. There is also a minor sticking charm on the gloves so hidden objects will not fall from the hand even if presented open-palmed for inspection. It's origin was with duelers, agents, and assassins. The gloves would enable the wearer to smuggle a wand, dagger, or vial of poison past defenses or get close enough to the target to launch a surprise attack. While in modern times assassins are (supposedly) rare, the gloves still find use among thieves interested in small valuables or the wizard looking for an edge against an enemy.

Second place: The K.I.D. by CH

K.I.D. illustration

The K.I.D. (Killer In Disguise) is a cute, cuddly, and fluffy teddy bear wearing a yellow shirt with black stripes. The gender and name is determined by the owner. The K.I.D. preys on children, both Muggle and magic. In Muggle homes, the bear is immobile, but in wizarding households, the bear is alive and acts like a sweet, cute, normal teddy bear. When the family is asleep, the K.I.D. goes to the kitchen, takes a sharp knife, and kills its owner. It is then sold to another unsuspecting young child. For each murder the bear commits, a black stripe is added to its shirt. There is only one known K.I.D. in existence.

Third place: Dastardly Dice by HermioNay

Dastardly Dice illustration

This set of dice is by all appearances the same as any other, although they do appear rather old. Made of granite, they are attractive to wizards and muggles alike. Unfortunately they hide their cursed secret well. The player that throws these dice will be safe as long as he does not throw “Snake Eyes” also known as double ones. If the unlucky player throws such a roll, instantly a snake will erupt from each “eye” and attack the one that conjured them. The snakes’ bites are very poisonous and little can be done to reverse the effects of the venom. Once the snakes deliver their fatal blow, they will disappear back into the dice whence they came, awaiting the opportunity to strike again.

So player bewares. Enjoy throwing your lots, but do so at your own risk.

Honorable mention: The Stowaway Glove by MalfoyDiva

Stowaway Glove illustration

One lavender left handed glove (no one knows what happened to its mate).
It is imbued with an undetectable sempiternal extension charm, meaning that the charm never fades or fails. No one knows the identity of the glove’s creator only that he or she must have been very powerful to create such an enduring charm.

The glove’s duty when released by its master is to stowaway in the handbag or pocket of the nearest person. Once it is carried to their place of residence it waits until it is alone then moves silently about taking anything of value, stowing the objects inside itself. When the glove has scoured every last corner it vacates the residence and returns to its master.

One thing that makes the glove especially dangerous is if it is caught during its raid or retreat it has been known to strangle the witness(s).

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