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The Snape/ Hermione make over

I sit on my sun bed. Quiet, not harming or bothering any one – being a complete angel (depending on your definition of the word.) It’s a getaway in Florida, a sunny escape. Unfortunately – your visions of a relaxing day by the pool with your copy of “prisoner of Azkaban” are ruined – a family of about 9 come bounding down the steps. 7 children, all under 10, all eager to get in the water, splashing around and getting your book wet.

“It’s like the Von traps,” I mutter to my mum, who is sitting beside me.

“Well,” she whispers back, “here come the Weasleys.”

Sure enough, a family of red heads (who were equally as young and loud) come jumping into the pool. I try to read; ignoring the constant screaming and splashing. Somewhere between Harry getting on the knight bus and him getting to the leaky cauldron, your mum says something about drinks – I just nod my head and say, “ok” every so often, not paying attention.

The children get louder and louder until I turn to my mum and say, “you’d think their parents would say something to them, wouldn’t you? They’ve totally just messed up one of Fred’s one liners!”

I then stare in horror as you notice that my mum is sitting at the bar getting a drink and Mr Von trap is sitting in my mums seat.

To top it all of, I go to the bath room and notice that my hair is frizzy at the bottom and greasy on the top – I look like Snape and Hermione’s offspring! Every time I read “Prisoner of Azkaban” I either run my hand down my hair to make sure it still looks normal or start singing “doe, a dear.” Cyclonically scared!

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