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Jamie Waylett Answers Fans' Questions: Part I

c. The Leaky Cauldron, May 2004

Part I / Part II

Reno said:
Who's the most popular kid on the set? and oh yeah, hi.
Whoever has the most sweets at the time!

Elissa said: said:
Hey Jamie! What is the most bizarre "fan moment" you've had since you began shooting the Harry Potter series? Thanks!

Hi Elissa,
After the premier of Chamber of Secrets we went to a party at the Savoy hotel. There was a crowd of photographers, journalists and fans waiting outside for us as we arrived. I stopped to sign a few autographs and pose for a few photos.
Two of the journalists wanted to be first to interview me; they started to argue, then they started fighting, the crowd surged forward and surrounded me.
Big John (my manager) pushed through the crowd, grabbed me and pulled me clear, then a policeman thought John was attacking me, so he grabbed John.
We had good laugh about it when we got to the party, but it was scary at the time!

Meg said:
What do you really think of everyone on set? Are you all good friends, unlike when the camera is rolling? Thank you so much.
Erika (MuggleMommy) said:
Hi Jamie!!! :) It's been often said that the cast is like one big family... do you guys all hang out and talk outside of filming? Do you ever get together with fellow cast mates and see movies; go to dinner, etc, etc?? And do any of you guys ever have time to actually date girls and have a life outside of the films?? Thanks!!!

Jackie said:
Jamie, First off id like to ask the classic girlie question -Do you have a girlfriend?- lol, ok know that that's over with ummm, have you ever had a crush on anyone on the set? Jillian said:
Were there any on set romances that you new of?
Lord Voldemort (.nl) said:
Is there any sign of actual relations growing between some of the actors? (you guys are teenagers, so I guess it might be plausible...)
Duffy said:
HIIIII Jamie Im duffy an im from down under!(AUS) im 14 and I was jus wondering if u had a grlfrnd yet?:)
Mandy said:
Do you know of any on-set romances? Thanks! Cant wait to see POA!

The standard answer to that question is "we are like a family", but it's true!
Everybody seems to get on very well.
Obviously I enjoy some people's company more that others, but none of the kids are "stuck up" or "star struck."
As to going out together, it's hard because we all live so far away from each other. I live in London, Devon lives in Ireland, Mathew lives in Yorkshire, and Tom, Josh, James & Oliver all live more than an hour's drive away. (Perhaps that's why everybody stays friends?).
Everybody on the set, from the directors to the canteen staff, are very friendly and seems very happy to be working on Harry Potter. As for the girls question - I'm a gentleman, I would never tell on anyone!

Daniel said:
Hi Jamie. I want to ask you this. Do you find Emma Watson good looking? I do. Thanks
Ben said:
Jamie, Do you think Emma Watson is attractive like the rest of the guys in this world? Be honest!

Of course, she is a very pretty girl, but she is a friend and "one of the lads," more like a sister to us. No romance here, sorry.

Media Nox said: Hmm, just wondering: Do you ever have people approach you and talk to you as if you actually ARE Crabbe? As opposed to just being approached and talked to as just Jamie?

It's funny, people stare at me as they walk past me and you hear them say "It's him, isn't it?" or if they do stop me they say, "It is you, isn't it?"
Most people are polite and I enjoy signing autographs for them, but other people shove a bus ticket or cigarette box in my face and say "SIGN THIS!" I don't sign for them!
When we were filming in Scotland, we went fishing in our spare time. (Tom [Felton] and his brother Chris, tried very hard to teach us.) One of the local boys, (8 years old, and real handful) shouted "here's a crab for Crabbe!" and threw a live crab at me.

Donna said:

Are you going to do all seven movies? Also, when you got the part, how did you feel?
Annabelle said:
Do you intend to play him until the last film? Thanks mate! From a Slytherin fan.
north said: Is it fun to act? Do you think that you will continue acting after hp?
aushpluva said: Would you play Crabbe for all seven Potter films?
aleoninc said:
Allo there, Jamie. I just want to say, I really enjoyed reading the last interview you did with the Leaky Cauldron. Sounds like you're living it up and having a good time. Right on! And now for my question:
Do you want to continue to act in movies as you get older or is there another profession that you've always dreamed of doing? If so, what?

Parintachin said:
Question #1: If you continue to be involved in the movies until Order of the Phoenix comes out, are you looking forward to filming Quidditch scenes as the Slytherin beater?
Question #2: Did you checka da gate?

Like most of the kids, I have signed for the fourth film. If offered I would sign for the next three as well. It might be fun flying in the Quidditch scenes, if they can find a broomstick to take my weight!!
I was very very happy when I was chosen for the film, but I had no idea how lucky I was. I had only ever acted in school plays and I was only 10 years old at the time. It seemed very normal at the time.
I would love to act after Harry Potter and as John always tells me, "It's better then working for a living!"
Just in case acting isn't an option, I go to College one day each week to learn Painting & Decorating, Bricklaying etc.

Hi Jamie, Where did you first hear about the role? Did you audition for the part of Crabbe? What did you have to do in the audition? Thanks
Annabelle said:
How did you get the role Crabbe?
Freelancer said:
Hi Jamie: When did you realize that you wanted to be an actor? How did you get the role of Vincent Crabbe?

I was sitting in a class in my primary school when a casting agent arrived to take pictures for the Harry Potter films.
Weeks later I got a call to go to the casting agent to audition for the role of Dudley Dursley, but then asked if I would like to audition for "Crabbe."
I went to Leavesden three times for auditions. The last time I was sent in to speak with Chris Columbus. "Chris said ?Act sad, act happy, do this, do that.? And, ?Just give us a nice shout and you've got the part.

Laura said:
okay... I was wondering... in all the interviews that you give, do you feel as if you must somewhat conform your answers to what you think society expects you to feel? Maybe you have to adjust your verbal opinions to not offend anyone or sound bad/rude? Just wondering!
And Congratulations on being in Harry Potter! How lucky! Have a GREAT day!
The Dude said:
I want to say that you are an amazing actor
I always try to tell it "as it is," but you are right, there are questions that I have to think about before answering.
I have given loads of interviews, but sometimes, when they are printed, things are in the story that I haven't said or "mistakes" have been made by the "journalist" ( TLC is great), it's so annoying.
It's very easy to hurt people's feelings, I try to treat people the way I want them to treat me.

Lord Voldemort (.nl) said:
In one of the azkaban pictures on the leaky cauldron we see a new kid standing near Malfoy, who seems to have a role similar to yours, who is he and what is his role? (as he is not in the books)

His name is Bronson Webb, a really nice and funny guy. He is a featured actor in PoA. Bronson has appeared on British television loads of times in films, plays and adverts.

Martje said:
Just to be cheeky, I'm asking another question, because I've only just thought of it: Did you get to keep the Slytherin ring?


Bella said:
Is there any one thing in Prisoner of Azkaban that fans should really be on the lookout for?
Ermie said:
Hey there! I was just wondering what you think the Harry Potter fans are going to enjoy best about the new POA film? Any interesting scenes you think everyone's going to love?

The snow scene, but I'm biased, I'm in it!

Anonymous said

Hi Jamie. I was wondering if you could tell me what house you think you'd be sorted into at Hogwarts, and why?

My Mum or Teachers would tell you I would be a Slytherin, a nice one though.

Sakura said:
HI Jaime! I'm just wondering if you're really a pure british or do you have a mixed bloodline? thanks and god bless!:)

My Grandmother is Scottish, my Grandfather was born in Trinidad, but very English, my mum and I are English.
Its great fun at my Grandmothers house, when England beat Scotland at football (soccer).

Denise said:
Which do you prefer?
cats or dogs?
pb&j or bolongie?
ANS= pb&j
math or p.e.?
ANS= P.E. (because I sit it out and listen to my Discman!!)
pepsi or cola?

Linda said:
Hey Jamie, how tall are you by now? How tall are your 2 costars as well? Thanx!

I met Tom and Josh a few weeks ago, Tom looked at me and said "Oh Jamie you have grown" (or words to that effect), and for the first time I was looking down on Josh.
I'm now about 6 feet tall, but if memory serves me well, in the first book, Crabbe was taller than Goyle.
I read that on the web that Tom had grown to over 6 foot tall; he hasn't.

Jennifer said:
Jamie--How long does one scene take? Do you need to be present even when they aren't shooting a scene with you in it?
Anonymous said:
Are we going to see a lot of your character in POA movie?

Hi Jennifer - do you remember the boats going to Hogwarts in the first film? About 10 seconds in the film, it took about 10 days to film, I was really seasick.
Nobody can say how much they are in the film. They filmed some great stuff with the Polyjuice scene, but most of it was cut from the film. Some of it was in the extra footage on the DVD; you see Ron change into me in the reflection of the water in the toilet, my hair changes slowly to ginger when the polyjuice potion wears off.
Most of what is filmed ends up on the cutting room floor, or the films would be six or seven hours long.
We are on call a lots of times "just in case we are needed" but usually if our scene isn't first or second on the shoot list of five or six scenes, we will not go on that day.

Sarah said:
Hi Jamie! First off, just wanted to say what a good job you are doing. I hope to see you in other movies in the future. :) So here's my question: I've just seen that photo of Daniel Radcliffe with the doubles. I was wondering, do you have a double? Or, do you find it odd, let's say you're talking to Rupert Grint's double, or Dan's double, or Emma's. And it just seems... odd. Haha. Okay, I shall stop now. If you didn't get that whatsoever, it's quite alright. :D

Hi Sarah,
Yes I do have a Double.
How do I say this?
I'm friends with Tom and his double.
When I'm talking with Tom, he is Tom.
When I'm talking with Tom's Double, He is Chris.
P.S.They are both great lads!

Adrianne said:
Hey Jamie! I was wondering do you like the Simpson's? Spongebob Squarepants?

I love the Simpson's, I always have. My family always call me Bart to annoy me.

AMG said:
These are some possible questions: Have you talked to J.K Rowling? Did she give you any piece of advice? How is She like? Did She tell you something about the future of your character?

I have only met J.K Rowling once, at the party after a premier. She is a lovely person who had time for everybody, she gave me a kiss and a hug and said, "You are just as I imagined Crabbe would be in my books."

GiantSquid said:
So, of the three that have been filmed, which Harry Potter movie was your favorite to make?
Anonymous said:
Dear Jamie,
Do you get along with the other actors on set that are your enemies on film? Which directer did you prefer? Alfonso/Chris? and how much are you excited for the 4th movie? Which is your favorite book/movie? Thanks a lot :)

All three films were fun to make, but if I hade to choose one, it would be C.O.S., because I had such a great time playing Ron.
Chris and Alfonso are both very good directors and both very nice people, I cant understand why people "must have a go" at Chris or Alfonso.
Chris directed the first two films and they were great(box office hits, so people must have liked them), he started the story, introduced the characters and Alfonso carried on the story. Where is the problem???

Anonymous said:
Hi There! First of all I congratulate you! You have worked with such fine actors and given a huge chunk of your life! Okay the question is: How much do you know about the GoF casting so far?

As a Leaky Cauldron reader, you probably know as much as me, if not more!!!


Part I / Part II